IELTS Centers in Nigeria


IELTS is an examination to test your fluency and understanding of the English language.  More than a million candidates sit for the test on yearly basis. As at last year, up to 1.7 million candidates sat for the test.  More than 7,000 institutions are involved in the organization of the examination.


As at present, students from up to 135 countries do sit for the examination.   The examination is competitive if the truth must be told. This is not surprising anyway, considering its place of important for those who may want to seek admission into foreign institutions, like in United States and United Kingdom.

The IELTS centers in Nigeria are very few.  There are quite a number of places offering tutorials to IELTS students in Nigeria today. You can link up with any of them to get all the required training. You however need to investigate the quality of the service being offered by such an outlet before you register with them for IELTS training.

Some of these training centers have been around for a very long time. Some of them are very good that they can help complete your registration within 24 hours. This means you can rely on them for both registration and training for the examination.

If the truth must be told, you need to prepare for the examination in order to make good score.  Make sure the training center has qualified tutors whit experience in the IELTS test.  You may also find out about their past success rate before you register with them. You have better chance of getting good grades in IELTS if you register with a coaching center where the students are known to score very high in the test.

If you know anyone that had ever sat for IELTS test before, you may want to interview the person and ask for direction on the right outlet to register with for IELTS training or coaching.

If the truth must be told, you need minimum of 4 weeks to prepare for the IELTS test. This will ensure you are able to access all the training materials and also get properly exposed to all the tricks and techniques required to make very good grades in the test. You may also decide to study for longer if you want to make real high scores in the IELTS test.

Only four IELTS test are conducted each month.  The student is therefore expected to book his/her examination ahead of time.  Availability is very limited.  If you do not register on time, your test score may not meet up with the deadline of the institution you want to register with for foreign admission.  You will find out that most of the IELTS test centers in Nigeria are even booked far ahead of time.

There are very few IELTS test centers in Nigeria as indicated earlier.  The particular one you choose can be determined by your location in Nigeria. It is better to register at a location that is closest to your abode.  However, you can be rest assured that you will get a close by location to register at if you reside in the eastern, western, northern or southern part of Nigeria. You can easily get address of the closest IELTS test center from the coaching outlet you register with.

The registration fee for training differs from one outlet to the other. When looking for the right outlet to register with, make a compilation of all available centers and choose the most affordable among them.  While it is important to consider price, it is also very important to consider the measure of quality these outlets can deliver.

Many of the institutions that offer IELTS test coaching equally offer coaching for a number of other examinations, like TOEFL and GRE. You can also make payment for the examination through the coaching outlet.  The study materials cost differently. What you pay for study material is also determined by the outlet you register with. The study material can be as expensive as N95,000. It can also be as cheap as N65,000. You should contact the outlet you want to register with and find out how much they sell their study materials.

One beautiful thing about the IELTS test is that you can sit for it as many times as you want. If you are unable to score the required mark at your fist attempt, you are free to sit for it at another time. The beauty of it is that it is repeated all through the year. You can therefore register very easily and get it wrote without delay until you are able to get the required score.

There is no restriction whatsoever about how many times you can register for the examination.  It had been noticed over time that students tend to perform better at their subsequent attempts than the previous ones.

Most educational institutions in United Kingdom, United States and Canada have specific score they accept. The score many vary from one school to another. Therefore, you will have to liaise with the school you are applying to and find out about the minimum IELTS score they accept. However, most of the schools do not admit students that score less than 6.0 in the IELTS test.  Students are therefore advised to score up to or higher than that stated mark.

It does not take long at all before the IELTS test score is released. You will be able to check your result within 2 weeks after sitting for the test. The result can be checked very easily online too.

Below, you will get to learn about the various IELTS test centers available in Nigeria.


It is located at British Council Plot 3645, IBB Way, Maitama, Abuja.

Edo State

It is located at Benin City

Cross River State

It is located at Calabar


It is located at DFID-Teachers House, Otigba Junction, Enugu.

Oyo State

It is located at Ibadan

Kwara State

It is located at Ilorin

Lagos state

It is located at no. 20, Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Rivers State

It is located at 127, Olu Obasanjo, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt


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