Data Share Business: How to Start MTN Data Share Business


You must have come across people claiming to sell data at a relatively cheaper amount than you think online. Those resellers are smiling home to the bank by buying bulk data from the networks and sharing them to people interested for a small a reasonable price to make profit.

MTN, Glo and Etisalat SME Data Share business is a lucrative one considering the millions of Naira Nigerians spend on buying data plans on a daily basis.

The core objective in this post is to show you how to make money selling MTN data plans through a process called DATA SHARE.


How To Start Mtn Sme Data Share Business

Before you can start enjoying the dividends that comes with selling MTN data plans, you will have to migrate to MTN SME PLUS TARIFF PLAN.

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To migrate: Send the SMS 460 to 131.


Codes To Subscribe To MTN Data Share Plan

Plan Keyword to Activate Plan   Price(N)
10GB SMS 465 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt N10,000
20GB SMS 466 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt N18,000
50GB SMS 467 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt N40,500
75GB SMS 468 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt N52,500

Alternatively, you can dial *461# on your phone and follow the prompt.

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Codes To Share MTN Data Plan With Others

Send: SMESHARE to 131

You would get a response after sending the code above

Here are the codes for various data sizes

1 ==> 250MB

2 ==> 500MB

3 ==> 750MB

4 ==> 1GB

How To Check Your Remaining MTN Data Balance

To check you data balance Send the SMS: Sharebalance to 131

With MTN Data Share business you can choose to transfer data to your customer easily either by SMS or USSD.

Buyers should note that their data validity would be the same as that of the person who sold or shared the data to them.





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    If you wish to start your own sme data which will be last for 3 month contact me on +2347066415127 and their is many things you will be enable to sell and buy like iTunes card and Bitcoin if u like doing the business including buying and selling of waec checkers and cable subscription like dstv, go TV and rest BULK SMS with customizable sender I.D is also available you can even buy MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL and VISAFONE call card. There is also opportunity for you to sell other networks data and recharge card

    WHATSAPP/CALL ME ON +2347066415127

  2. Ezekiel

    Please how can I connect this SME data share through my website so my clients can be recharging on their own through d site?


  3. Ezekiel

    Please how can I connect this SME data share through my website so my clients can be recharging on their own through d site?


  4. baba

    pls how do I buy 50gb for #20000

  5. dammy

    hy vic.. please how long will it take my data to hv a 3month validity if i start today

  6. Hello Vic, but presently now.. I have a lot of data re sellers that claim its expires in 3month if you buy from them, is the 3month true? If yes, how are they doing their own that makes it 3month

  7. chika

    I want to buy & share for sell, how do I go about it.

  8. dikeke

    hello please i need more explanation on how to get profit on selling these sme data.

  9. dikeke

    pls i need more explanation on how to get profit in selling the sme data?

  10. George Livinstone

    At what rate would someone who bought say, #10000 worth of data sell to make profits?

  11. Wale

    Thanks for this info
    My question is about the profit attached to this business
    For instance yoy buy 10Gb for 10000naira, that’s at a unit price of 1000 naira perGb, how does this fetch you profit after selling

  12. Joseph

    Sir..what of those data that will last forb3 month

  13. Adebayo

    thanks vic.. I want to ask questions.
    [1] how can I share or sell data that will last for 3months? [
    2] After I subscribe 10gb for ten tho
    usand naira, If I notice my data date is expiring can I subscribe 1gb for one thousand Naira to extend my data expiring date?
    [3] Can I extend my data expiring date to 3months?
    [4] Can I extend my data expiring date by buying 1gb for five hundred Naira from a reseller?
    [5] My most concern is the expiring date of data..
    will be greatly appreciate if I could be more Clarify.. thank you so so much for your food work

    1. ferdyberry

      Adebayo… contact me for 10GB worth of data which is valid for 90days (3 months)
      call/whatsapp: 08137789499

  14. Emmanuel

    thank sir for this information. but please sir how will this business fetch me real cash?

  15. titilayo

    Please how much do I sell the data, or how much do they cost to sell them


    Kai this conversation make sense I love it thank you very much Vic

  17. Ejisco

    Mtn sme data
    1gb -#700
    all valid for one month.

    1. Jay jay

      if you will not my you can do business eitu me , and you will make 300 after selling 10gb
      you can me now on 08138258381and let start

      1. Hussaini

        ok i will you with this number 07030461719

  18. Idowu

    Hello,I like your blog. Pls how do I start this business of data sharing. Thanks. I will be awaiting for your response.

    1. AYUBA

      If you dont have that capital to start, why not start with some of the bigger dealers after you made enough you then quit and buy directly from the network provides…. if you are interested chat me on whatsapp 08100851550

  19. purity

    Please kindly give me a code for any smaller subscription. Thanks

  20. Does the bulk data of the seller expires?

  21. ofomata emeka

    Really appreciate ur responses and help mr Vic.
    pls i need clarification on this; can i top up with any amount as a reseller apart from buying 10G again? lets say 1k just to extend my validity period?

    1. Emeka,
      Yes you can, that is what most people do

      1. ofomata emeka

        Ok sir. Thanks a lot. Sorry am abt to start the business that’s why i was asking sir. My fear has been how to top up for that extension of validity period.

        So there is an option for one to buy one(1) thousand naira worth of data?

  22. ofomata emeka

    Really appreciate ur responses and help mr Vic.

    pls i need clarification on this; can i top up with any amount as a reseller apart from buying 10G again? lets say 1k just to extend my validity period?

  23. Stephen

    Well done Job Vic… pls I tried to migrate to the biz. plan and was successful , but part of the message said dial *460*2# to buy biz plan… I dialled it and all I was seeing is biz plan 2. smart biz plan plus 3. Basic plan 4. Lite with their different prices of 1000, 1500, 2500 and 3400 respectively… I don’t know what they are all about…. must I do DAT first before I would be able to buy data?
    And I will b so much grateful if I can get your number…


  24. mimi

    I do virtual top up on mtn I intend selling data is it the same as top up but (data)? And how does etisalat come in?

  25. Ayodelerevolution

    good morning Vic, how are u doing?

    what is the maximum data one can share for customers in a day for both mtn and Etisalat?

    1. There’s no limit

  26. Revolution

    Vic, I really appreciate people like you that knows sth and is ready to share with novice like us u are indeed a good man….

    pls another question

    1. Did this expiry date things works in both mtn and Etisalat.

    2. What’s the minimum data one can share to its customers in a day?

    1. Yes the expiry date works with Mtn and Etisalat.
      Its better you do 500mb minimum as all the data sellers I know don’t sell anything less than that.

  27. Ayodelerevolution

    pls Vic I need clarification to this expiry date things sequel to what u said above because am not so cleared..

    if I bought data today 7th of August and my expire date is 7th of September, my question is for every data I transferred to my customer what expire date will it bring on their sim if they buy it let’s say 15th of august, will the expiry date moves to a month (15th of sept) on their sim or maintain my expiring date 7th of Sept. pls I need serious clarification on this.


    1. The expiry date on your customers sim will be 1 month from the day day of transfer. It is not tied to your expiry date.

    2. Raymond

      Don’t be conned bro…you only have one expiry date. If you buy on August 17 and sell on September 15, the beneficiary will only have till 17th and whether the data has been exhausted or not, it will expire

  28. Revolution

    Pls I need answer to this question of question goes thus, am interested in starting this data share business but my worry is after purchasing let’s say data of 10000 and on the process of sharing it to people they send me recharge card pin or they transferred the credit to me, my question is how do I convert their credit back to raw cash?

    I will be very grateful if I could find answer to this question.. thanks

    1. Hello Revolution,
      Not all your customers will pay with airtime.
      Some will pay with cash and so when you want to buy more bulk data you will have to buy airtime for your line.
      So the few that paid with cash will be your profit.

  29. Egbo

    assuming i transfer data to a beneficiary today and my bulk will expire tomorrow, when will my beneficiary data expire.?

    1. Hello Egbo,
      The Data of the Beneficiary will expire after 30days. Its is not tied to your own expiry date.

  30. bode

    Assuming I start this business nw, 1.whats the duration for the bulk data I purchase. 2. Will the duration of the beneficiary’s data be calculated wit respect to the date of their purchase?

    1. Hello Bode,
      1. The duration for the bulk data is 1 month, however you can extend the validity of your bulk data by subscribing for the cheapest 1 month data plan and all your data would be summed up both for previous month and the new data subscription.

      2. Yes the beneficiary’s data will be calculated from the day it was purchased and not based on your own bulk data duration.

  31. dammie

    but if d sponsor buy new bundle will d previous one be extended . I have interest in d business, how can I start ?

    1. Yes it will as long as you buy a new bundle before the old one expires

      1. Segun Adeniyi

        Pls mr vic.what is the minimum bundle for renewal of expiry

  32. dammie

    thanks, another question is similar to d previous one, will d expiring date of d beneficiary be extended wen d sponsor renew its plan before d previous one expire

    1. No the beneficiaries date will not be extended.

  33. dammie

    will the expiring period of the beneficiary be extended when the beneficiary renew its data plan before d expiring date

    1. No, Because you will not be able to renew the beneficiaries data until the data is exhausted or the duration expires.

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