How to Make Coconut Oil in Nigeria


In Nigeria, the coconut oil market is still one whose potential is largely untapped. However, the market is still growing. There is a huge demand for coconut oil because of its benefits. You can also start to produce coconut oil.

How to Make Coconut Oil in Nigeria

How to Make Coconut Oil in Nigeria

This article will teach you how:

Gather the Coconut oil Ingredients

In order to produce coconut oil, you need mature coconuts and well-dried meat of coconut (this is the white inner part of the coconut also known as copra). Copra that is well dried contains low moisture content.

How to make Coconut oil for Commercial use

  • Cut the copra into very small bits using a copra cutter.
  • Put the copra bits into steam kettles and cook lightly using low heat (at a temperature of about 70oC)
  • After cooking the copra, you will then put into an oil expeller and press twice.
  • The filtration process is done by means of a filter press.

Tools and Equipment needed to make coconut oil in commercial quantity

In order to produce coconut oil in commercial quantity, you will need some tools mentioned below:

  • Copra Cutter
  • Bucket elevator: This is used to transport bulk materials vertically of mill equipment.
  • Steam jacketed kettle: To boil the Copra
  • Oil Expeller: To extract oil from the coconut liquid
  • Screw conveyor: This is used to convey oil seeds material to the hopper of the oil press
  • Crude coconut oil storage tanks
  • Filter press: Used for the filtration process
  • Microfilter
  • Filtered oil storage tanks
  • Filling machine
  • Wooden storage drums: To store large quantity of oil

Package Your Coconut Oil

After the production of the Coconut oil, the packaging is just as important for you to make sales. In order to be successful in the coconut oil business, you can aim for better packaging than those already in the business. Improve the packaging standards of the already successful businesses in the market.

Ensure you produce high-quality coconut oil. This way you are guaranteed that your satisfied consumers will always patronize you.

Making Virgin Coconut oil at home

You can also make virgin coconut oil at home. This way you can avoid buying those sold in the markets which contain preservatives and other chemicals that are unhealthy for your skin.

Make sure you use only well mature coconut that is dry. Such will have an outer shell that is dark brown. The coconut meat and water are also sweet.

Benefits and uses of Virgin Coconut Oil.

  1. Virgin Coconut Oil is a great hair moisturizer which promotes healthy hair growth
  2. It is a great skin moisturizer for your body. Virgin Coconut Oil also helps with skin conditions such as eczema. It keeps the skin supple and smooth.

What you need in order to make coconut oil at home

  • Mature coconuts
  • Heavy object such as a hammer for breaking the coconuts
  • Blender/Grater
  • Knife for scooping out the coconut meat
  • Lukewarm to warm water
  • A fine mesh for sieving
  • Chiffon/Cheesecloth
  • Plastic bowls
  • A refrigerator

Making coconut oil using the Wet mill Method

  1. Cut out the coconut meat using a knife
  2. Wash the coconut meat and cut into tiny bits
  3. Put in a blender or a grater and add a small quantity of warm water (just enough to allow the blender blades to rotate freely) and grind the coconut meat into a smooth paste. A blender is more efficient to help you get more coconut oil.
  4. Pour the blended coconut meat into a sieve with tiny holes so he chaff does not get through the sieve.
  5. Use your hands to squeeze out as much milk from the chaff as possible.
  6. Add more warm water to the chaff so you can get out even more coconut oil.
  7. What you have left is coconut milk (a mixture of coconut oil and water) Pour this into a chiffon or cheesecloth so as to remove the tiniest coconut chaff.
  8. Place the bowl of coconut milk in a working fridge overnight.
  9. The cold temperature of the fridge will make the coconut oil (the white part) separated from the water. You will notice that the coconut oil would have caked at the top of the bowl.
  10. Gently take out the blocks of coconut oil from the bowl
  11. You can then pat them dry with paper towels and place in another clean dry bowl.
  12. Use a spatula to mix the coconut oil till its smooth. You can also use a mixer to run through the coconut oil.
  13. Leave the mix in the bowl and after some time, you will notice some more water seeping out from the oil. Keep pouring out this water till you cannot notice any more water seeping out.
  1. Scoop the coconut oil into containers such as glass jars with tight covers and put in the refrigerator.

Note: This virgin coconut oil does not contain preservatives and so can easily get bad and develop a foul odor. Hence, you must keep it in the fridge always.

Method 2: Boil the Coconut

  1. This is another process of making coconut oil. After blending the coconut meat, pour the blended coconut meat into a sieve with tiny holes so that none of the chaff gets through.
  1. Use your hands to squeeze out as much milk from the chaff as possible.
  2. Add more warm water to the chaff so you can get out even more coconut oil.
  3. What you have left is coconut milk ( a mixture of coconut oil and water) Pour this into chiffon or cheesecloth so as to remove the tiniest coconut chaff
  4. Put the coconut milk (water and oil) in a clean dry stainless steel pot.
  5. Cover the pot and start cooking on low to medium heat. If you notice any smoke at any time as you cook, reduce the heat.
  6. Keep an eye on the pot and stir from time to time. Cook till you notice some charred coconut bits in the oil
  7. Allow the coconut oil cool down to a comfortable temperature
  8. Sieve with a chiffon cloth or a cheesecloth to remove the charred coconut bits.

Your virgin coconut oil is ready! Store in a cool, dry place. Virgin coconut oil can be used for cooking, hair, and body. Store in a cool dry place and use as you wish.

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