Free University of Berlin: All You Need To Know


Free university of Berlin is a public university. The school offers both postgraduate and undergraduate programs. Doctoral students can also apply here for top quality education.  The school was established in 1948 and it had provided top quality education since inception till date.

Free University of Berlin: All You Need To Know

As at present, the school has more than 20,000 students on admission for undergraduate programs. There are over 10,000 students for postgraduate students. Over 4,000 students are on admission for their doctoral programs.

Aside the over 34,000 students on admission in the school, there are also 459 academic staff members and 4200 administrative staff members; 2200 among them are scientific assistants.  Motto of the school is Truth, Justice, Liberty, Free.

To further improve on its international standard, the school is in affiliation with a number of foreign universities sand organizations; some of these organizations are Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin, German Excellence Universities, EUA and UNICA.

Free University of Berlin is a research university and it is located in Berlin just as its name implies. This is undoubtedly on one of the most prominent of all the universities in Germany.  Its social sciences, humanities and research commitments are well known in Germany.  It is equally involved in the fields of life sciences and natural sciences.

The university was founded during the Cold War in West Berlin. The university came out of the Humboldt University, which was a communist controlled university.  The reason why it is called Free University is because the German government wants to make a point that the school is not under any communist control and to make the world see Germany as part of the free world.

Over the years of its existence, the Free University of Berlin has won several awards, both national and international. The university became the institution with the most approved funding applications in the German Universities Excellence Initiatives.  It has also received funding for future development strategy.


The Free University of Berlin has a number of campuses. They are:

  • Campus Dahlem: This is where most of the facilities in this university are located. The campus is at the southwestern part of Berlin. The campus is located on a 43 ha land space and there are up to 22,000 plant species on the property. His is actually the main campus of the institution.
  • Geocampus Lankwitz: This campus was once part of a former teacher training college.  It presently houses department of Earth Sciences.  The Institute for media and communicaiotn studies was also in this campus until they were moved to the main campus, Dahlem, in 2008.
  • Campus Duppel: This campus houses many of the parts of Department of Veterinary Medicine. It is about 2 km from the main campus and it is located on the southwestern part of this campus.  There are many institutes and clinics located within its premises.
  • Campus Benjamine Franklin: The campus was built in honor of the former president of the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin. It was built with financial support from the United States.  As at 1994, it was made up of 1200 hospital beds and 36 scientific institutes.  It later became the Charite Medical School




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