American International School, Lagos

American International School, Lagos is a private school located in Lagos, Nigeria. It provides Nigerian students with the best educational experiences that mirror the experiences of their colleagues in America.

Students enrolled at American International School Lagos are taught using the same curriculum and methods used in private tutoring for students in America. The school’s curriculums are developed based on the US National and IBO standards. The curriculum is however constantly reviewed and revised from time to time in order to integrate with technology and other important areas.

American International School, Lagos has excellent facilities and an excellent academic record and this of course reflects in its tuition and fees. As at the time of compiling this report, tuition and fees on the school’s website,  is stated as follows:

  • Application fees — $654
  • Registration fees — $13,070
  • Capital Improvement Fees — $2,971
  • Pre K 3 Program — $16,469
  • Pre K4 Program — $16, 469
  • K-4 (Elementary School) /5th Grade (Middle School) — $19, 629
  • 6th-8th (Middle School) — $25, 427
  • 9th – 12th (High School) — $29, 158
  • Special Assessment Fee — $9, 506
  • English Language Learners (ELL)/ Student Support — $6,273

These fees are only applicable for the 2015/2016 calendar year and are subject to change by the school’s administration.

Patients willing to enroll their children in the school are advised to visit the school’s admission office.

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