10 Masters Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships differ one from the other. They individually meet different needs. Some are created in form of tuition fee waivers, while some other ones will cover your living expenses during your course of study.

masters scholarship

Some other scholarships do offer partial cash grants. Some scholarships cover both living expenses and tuition fees. Some can also cover your insurance, book allowance as well as travel costs.  If you get a fully funded scholarship, it will cover all you need to complete your master degree program.

Below, we are going to look into a number of fully-funded government scholarships for those seeking to study master degree program

Fulbright foreign student program

The scholarship is offered to international students studying in the United States. It is one of the most prestigious scholarships for those studying master degree programs in any of the universities in the United States.

The scholarship provides funding for your health insurance, living stipend, and airfare as well as tuition fee.  The scholarship is made available all through the years the student will spend in his/her university of choice.

You can only apply for the scholarship if you have been offered admission by your school of choice.  You need to present evidence of admission before you can be considered for the scholarship.

Endeavour postgraduate awards

This scholarship is made available for those who prefer studying for their master degree program in an Australian university. The scholarship provides the student with full financial support and there is no limitation or restriction regarding who can apply.

So long as you are an international student in Australia, you are qualified for the scholarship.  The scholarship covers your travel insurance, health insurance, monthly stipend, establishment allowance, travel allowance and tuition fees.

British Chevening Scholarship

Are you planning on studying for your master degree program in the United Kingdom? Then you can also benefit from the Chevening scholarship. It is an annual scholarship made available to international students from any part of the world coming to the UK to study for both undergraduate and master degree program.

Before a student can benefit from this scholarship, he/she is expected to be an outstanding scholar and he/she is expected to possess leadership potential too. The award is typical awarded for one year of master degree program. It covers various aspects, like essential expenditures, economy class return airfare to the UK, living allowance and tuition fee.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded by the Swiss government as the name implies. It is given to any international student coming to Sweden for his/her master degree program.  The student can only apply after he/she has been granted admission by the school of his/her choice.

The scholarship covers the student for master’s degree and doctoral students too can apply for it. The scholarship applies only to international students that got admission in any recognized institution in Switzerland d and those that have gotten admission into a public-funded university in the country.

Swedish Scholarships for International Students

The scholarship is also offered to international students coming to Sweden for their master degree program.  It is given only to highly-qualified master degree program students. It is specifically offered to students from developing countries of which Nigeria is among.

This scholarship covers your insurance, travel grant, living expenses and tuition fee.   You are required to meet up with some criteria before being counted worthy of this scholarship.

VLIR-UOS Training and Master’s Scholarship

This scholarship is made available to those international students visiting Belgium for their master’s degree program. The scholarship is not for all comers; it is for students from selected countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The purpose of the scholarship is to enable the students contribute their quotas to the development of any university where they study in Belgium.  The scholarship covers various expenses, like travel costs, allowance, accommodation and tuition fees of the student.

As it is the case with virtually all other types of international scholarships, you are expected to have been given admission in any of the recognized universities or institution in Belgium for your master degree program before you can apply for the scholarship.

New Zealand development scholarship

The scholarship is provided for those students seeking to master degree program in New Zealand, it is only centered on master’s degree programs. Students from various clients like Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

You are qualified for this scholarship as a Nigerian. The New Zealand government offers the scholarship to encourage the student make one or two improvements in the university. The student is equally expected to return home after the course of study to develop his/her home country.

The scholarship covers the insurance, living allowance, travel costs and tuition fees for the duration of studies.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

It is offered to students visiting the United Kingdom for their master’s degree program. There is no restriction to who can benefit from this scholarship from across the world.  It is specifically made available for those studying for their master’s degree program at University of Cambridge.

The scholarship covers the cost of everything the student will require to complete his/her program, like dependent’s allowance, airfare, maintenance allowance and university fees.

Clarendon Scholarships At University Of Oxford

The scholarship is open to individuals studying for their master’s degree program at University of Oxford.     It covers everything required by the student to complete his/her postgraduate program. Up to 140 individuals enjoy the scholarship every year.

The scholarship is open to both students of UK origin and international students.  The scholarship award is based on potentials of the student and his/ her academic achievement.  It is made available to all students’ irrespective of his/her course of study.

Westminster International Scholarship

It is awarded by the University of Westminster and it is specifically awarded to students from developing counties that wish to study for their master’s degree program in the United Kingdom.

The scholarship is open to students studying in any field in the University of Westminster.  The scholarship covers flights to and from London, living expenses, accommodation and full tuition fee.  University of Westminster equally offers a number of other scholarships that cover full needs of the student aside this one.

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