How To Get Rid of Body Odour


How To Get Rid of Body Odour

Who hasn’t had that minute when you gradually and unnoticeably lift up your arm and contemplate internally, mhm, I
dont smell so great today? Well if you haven’t, you are yet to hit puberty. Always know that body odour is normal, natural and everyone has it.

Why Do We Have Body Odour

Body odours start to get more recognisable around the same
time as puberty, the smells are produced as a result of hormones being released.
This is the time when what we call secondary $exual characteristics begin to develop and people are likely to be
increasingly $exually motivated and seeking a mate. Puberty can be difficult for most people, when they suddenly start smelling much more strongly than they used to and this also starts at a time when their body is changing quickly with the other signs of puberty. Many of us become very self-conscious at this time and worry about the way we smell and look.

Sometimes someone’s body odour is particularly bad or strong and many people around them start to notice it. If your body odours is not normally so strong or bad smelling, you might be
unwell. For example, sometimes when we have a fever, our sweat is particularly strong and certain diseases, such as
diabetes, can cause strong or particular smells.

Obviously, body odours also intensify when people have not washed or changed clothing for a long period and the smell gradually becomes worse.
Body odours are generally unpleasant, when the tiny bacteria that cover our skin begin to feed on our sweat this turns it into the strong smell of body odour we all recognise. Hairy men
often have more places for the bacteria to live in and they can smell more than men with little body hair.

How Can You Prevent Body Odour

Good hygiene habits will control the amount of bacteria on the skin. Bathing or showering on a daily basis and paying special attention to closed areas of your body such as your underarms and genital area will help. Keeping your clothes clean and storing them in a tidy place will also help prevent unpleasant smells coming from your

Aside from eating a healthy, balanced diet, another useful idea is using deodorant and/or antiperspirant; these
products are good at fighting off B.O.


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