How to Pay For Blackberry Apps In Nigeria


How to Pay For Blackberry Apps In Nigeria

Some apps are free for Blackberry users, while some other apps are for sale. You will come by list of the free and paid ones on Blackberry World. There is limitation to the functions of the free ones, while the paid ones have full and exciting features.

Even many of the free ones are just trial versions and you will not get any meaningful satisfaction from them. If you are tired of using the limited free versions of these apps, it is high time you ported to the paid ones.

How to Pay For Blackberry Apps In Nigeria

Many individuals who want to get the paid ones however are faced with challenges on how to pay for them. The paid versions of those apps are sold in US dollars. Most of the apps also require that you pay via credit card or PayPal.

So, the main question is how do I pay considering the PayPal limitations in Nigeria? That question will be answered below

How to pay from Nigeria

Your naira MasterCard can be used in paying for apps on Blackberry World. I have had cause to use it on several occasions and I have never been disappointed for once. The first thing to do is to visit Blackberry world and click on “Payment Option”.

Since you are using naira MasterCard to make payment, you will click on MasterCard logo and this will be accepted as your payment option.

The above is just a summary. Full details of how to go about paying for your blackberry apps on Blackberry World will be given below.

How do I set up my payment options?

• Visit Blackberry World on your device
• Look for My Account tab and click it
• Scroll to payment options and click on it
• Next, select the payment option you prefer. If you are paying with your naira MasterCard, simply click on Credit Card
• Click on Next to continue
• You will be as required to fill your details on the next screen. Select MasterCard as the type of credit card you want to use. Provide the expiry date and the security code. Do not forget to select Nigeria as your country of residence. Click on Next.
• On the next screen, provide your postal code. If you do not know your state’s postal code, just use 23401.
• Provide your card’s number

How do you make purchase now that you have set up your payment option?
It is time to buy any blackberry app of your choice. Make sure there is sufficient fund in your bank account before you proceed with this step

• First locate that app you want to buy and lick on its price button
• Provide your blackberry ID password when prompted and click on next.
• The next screen will show you the agreement terms. Click I Agree to continue.
• A summary of the purchase will be shown. Check if it is correct and click ion purchase.
• Blackberry will then send a purchase receipt to your email address and the app would be downloaded on your mobile device.


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