How to Call USA from Nigeria

If you are like me who has a lot of friends and family living and schooling in the United States, then you would need to know how to place calls to them regularly.

Destination country code

The destination country code for the USA is “009” just like that of Nigeria is 234. So, start dialing your number with  a plus sign then the destination country code (e.g. +009). However, if it’s a GSM number you are calling, the international access code for the USA is 1. So you’ll simply dial +1.

Area code

This would depend on the exact location you are calling in the US. For instance if you are calling Los Angeles, the area code is 213, so you’ll dial the destination code first followed by the area code of the exact location you are calling (e.g +1 213).

Personal phone number

Now you can add the person’s unique phone number after dialing the destination and area codes. So if the person’s phone number is 7654312, you’ll simply dial +1 213 7654321.

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  1. Pls how can i chart up with people in USA California true my WhatsApp . Because i have some peoples number but i can’t find them in my WhatsApp contact pls help me… What should i do

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