Quickteller DSTV: How To Pay Your DSTV Bills Using Quickteller

What is Quickteller?

Quickteller is a financial service platform that allows you to purchase airtime, pay bills, send and receive money via the web (www.quickteller.com). 

It gives convenient access to an array of financial services such as recharge, bill payments, donations and state government payments, receiving of payments, air time recharge, internet data subscription,   electricity bills, cable TV bills, from DSTV bills to HiTV bills, to PHCN bills and recharge that actually tops up your line.

quickteller DSTV payment online

All these are available to the user as long he or she has a bank account with any bank in Nigeria and an ATM card using your Naira Master card. Quickteller makes use of the mobile app and online transactions in making these services available to customers. All you have to do is to link your Master Card to your profile via this platform.

Security and Terms of Use

To ensure safety in the use of the quickteller application:

  •   You are responsible for all transactions conducted using your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet or other electronic devices, payment card or account. You must safeguard all your details.
  •   All passwords must be kept secret. You are responsible for all activities undertaken using your username, associated password or Device. You are required to maintain the confidentiality of all your Account information and keep your Device from fraudulent use.
  •   Quickteller accepts no liability for any illegal use of your Device, payment card or account or any effects caused by its use.
  •   In case your device has been stolen or there is unauthorized access to your payment card or account, it is your responsibility to immediately notify your bank to make restrictions on transactions made via your card and account.
  •   In case your device is stolen or there is unauthorized access to your Quickteller account, you are required to immediately log as a ticket on https://help.interswitchgroup.com/
  •   If you query any purchase or withdrawal on your card or account, it is required that you prove this transaction was effected without your authorization or permission  and such transaction will be investigated by the fraud team once the issued ticket is received on https://help.interswitchgroup.com/

What is DSTV

DSTV means Digital Satellite Television. This is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice. 

This service was launched in 1995. It provides multiple channels and services to its subscribers, which currently are around 11.9 million people. The majority of subscribers are reported to be in Africa including Nigeria,

DSTV is, of course, one of the best Satellite Pay TV in Nigeria, and other top Africa and Asia countries. It offers a wide range of services that can keep its audience glued throughout the day! These channels include news, music, movies and many other exciting channels are also available.

Thankfully, gone are the days when you will have to go to banking halls or stay on long queues in order to pay for your DSTV subscription bills. You can now pay for the DSTV subscription online via quickteller and it is more effective, faster and indeed simpler.

There are many ways to pay for DSTV subscriptions packages online, while you can make use of your bank; mobile banking or online banking, many prefer to go through the Quickteller option due to its efficiency.

This article shows steps to take to recharge, renew or upgrade your DSTV subscription using the Quickteller method.

How to Pay for DSTV Subscription Using Quickteller Website

  •   Switch on your decoder. (This is if your account has already been disconnected)
  •   Log on to Quickteller
  •   Select the DSTV bouquet of your choice.
  •     Enter your e-mail address, smartcard number, and enter your mobile phone number.
  •   Click NEXT
  •   Will display the DSTV subscriber’s name and confirm that your smartcard number was filled correctly.
  •   Click PAY and then click on your debit card type i.e. Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard.
  •     Enter your card details i.e. Card Number and Expiry Date as inscribed on your debit card, and CVV (three digits found at the back of the card).
  •     Click PAY
  • Enter your Token code or your ATM PIN for other banks.

After the transaction is completed, your DSTV account will be credited and you can resume viewing your DSTV. This method is one of the easiest and fastest, not having to walk to any office or banking hall but can be done from the comfort of your home.

You can follow the guideline.

1. Go to Quickteller DStv portal and choose your package

2. Continue Bottom of Form

After clicking the continue button at the bottom of the form, move to the next step

3. Enter your details, such as:

DSTV smart card number


Mobile number and click on continue

 4. If your smart card number was entered correctly, then it will display your Customer Name and the transaction fee of N100, now Click on PAY!

 The payment process will automatically pop up, you then enter your details; such as:

Card number, for example, 4883************

Month and Year, for example, 2020

CVV(This is the three-digit found at the back of your ATM card) e.g 240

Click pay

This will process for a while and then the final message will pop up congratulating you of a successful payment! Along with a confirmation message and your bank debit alert.

After the Payment, you can clear or reset your DStv decoder.

You would be also asked to confirm the transaction via a mail will be sent to your email account!

Usually, may prefer using the quickteller website to the mobile app due to cases of complaints on payment issues and non-refunding. 

You can also pay your DSTV subscription on quickteller via your ATM

  •   Go to any ATM stand, slot in your card and enter your PIN number
  •   Select QUICKTELLER then select BILL
  •   Select DSTV option
  •   List of DSTV bouquet will appear, select your preferred option
  •   Fill in your 8 digits DStv smart number card and then verification screen will appear
  •   Select OK

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