DSTV Nigeria Customer Care Number

DSTV is the most popular cable TV network in Nigeria with the largest number of subscribers both on its major cable network, DSTV and its package that is designed to cater for low income earners, GOTV.

DSTV has a customer care number that you can call at any time of the day. DSTV customer care number is location based so if you are calling from Lagos Zone, the number to call is 08039003788, Abuja- 08039003789.

There is also a general customer care number for Africa- (+22-11) 289 2266. Feel free to call any of these numbers for help whenever you need it.

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  1. Good evening,I just want to notify you that I just make payment of # 721500 this evening,although my subscription will expire tomorrow 15th July 2021 and am currently on payment of( #10,400), Now am on #7,21500 just changed my package to dstv COMFAM, Please HELP me because i will not like a situation that when it expire and i start having problems, my account numbers is 2479331132 account name Festus ita okon

  2. 10504943258 is my card number, please I subscribe since Monday and the other channels like 202, 206, stopped working suddenly and I don’t know why, please reconnect me

  3. I was to be upgraded to compact+ if I subscribed early before on the 16/07/2020 which I did and I am yet to be upgraded. Please attend to it I will stop using dstv. Thanks

  4. Hello, I noticed removal of some channels from my subscription. I paid for our thousand five six hundred but I was given two thousand six hundred package. All effort to reach you on phone failed as your line is not connecting. My phone number is 08039492234

  5. Please have being calling since morning to all your line is not connecting please I paid may 29 2,000 by June 3 it went off I called your Lagos office and it was restock yesterday it went off please help to reconnect card number 1030580566 thanks

  6. Good day sir, I made a subscription 2,000 on Thursday 11/06/2020 to this smartcard 1040959224.

    This is my phone num 07025075889

    Please the subscription isn’t connected
    Pls help me with it.

  7. Hello I paid for my dstv subscription yesterday 06/06/2020 is still my working I have try calling you customer service no one is going through dis is my card no 10463050640 pls work on it

  8. I made #2000 subscription on Sunday 07/06/2020 through my phone and I haven’t been connected . My IUC Number 7026303065 and phone number is 08038620863. Please kindly connect me. Thanks.

  9. Good day, I made #2000 subscription since Sunday, 07/06/2020 and I haven’t been connected, I did it through my phone. My IUC Number 7026303065 and my phone number is 08038620863. Pleases kindly connect me. Thanks.

  10. Good afternoon, please help me to rectify this error.i subscribe #2000 to 10431236530 instead of 10431236503 through my first bank app. Please I will appreciate if u can rectify it for me..thanks

  11. I recharge my Dstv decoder on 10-03-2020
    Ever since then my account has been suspended,am unable to watch any stations

    IUC number 4254249787 and 42542634268

    • Same here i recharged my dstv on Wednesday till now it’s not working icu 7035790303 please i want you to help me to get something done so it can work

  12. I subscribe 2000naira on my access package today through gtbank 737 code, since morning the subscription has not come up! Can you people quickly rectify this issue fast.

  13. Please l need your assistant to reactivate dstv decoder with name first marine (smartcard details 1021093014 and 1020842770) but l was shock to hear that the decoder is use for piracy. This decoder was bought in Warri registered with the name First Marine in 2015 and has not being used since 2017. Please remove the band of piracy,l want to reactivate the decoder.

  14. Hello, I subscribe today on my Gotv and yet my account have not been activated (IUC: 2028819053), pls i want you to respond on time, thanks.

  15. Hello,
    I made a transaction twice but my account has not been activated yet and I was debited for both transactions of 10750*2 yesterday and today been 27/02/2019. Please do something my Name is Kabiru Usman smartcard number 1028295651

  16. I paid for dstv subscription for access package on 21st February, 2019 through a gtb *737*smartcardno# and a debit alert for fee of 2000naira was immediately received but my subscription was stop this money. smartcard no. 4133556063. Phone no. 08035797615

    • I subscribed my DStv since on Sunday and it’s still not showing anything and you people sent me a message that the subscription was successful, pls you people should do something about it pls. My ICU 7034736109

  17. Despite following the rules of additional sport channel for a week after payment.I was deny the opportunity.Check my record I always paid before expiring date.What surprise me was my friend and i recharged at the same time 29th of January.I paid N4000 while he paid N2000. He is enjoying SS3.I enjoy it only last month.when it was opened for every body.

  18. I subscribe for family as my monthly expired today 01/01/2019 through online.
    up till now the channels has not be restore.
    Please confirm payment and restore channels
    thank you and happy new year
    Smart Card No. 1021032957
    Name Obainor Akande Dele

  19. I subscribe for family as my monthly expired today 01/01/2019 through online.
    up till now the channels has not be restore.
    Please confirm payment and restore channels
    thank you and happy new year

    • Hi my smartcard number is 42909610141 and I paid my subscription this morning at exactly1006hrs via agent 55410370 and up to this moment all my channels are still not connected. I have also complained many times that I don’t get alert before my due payment dates please do something quick.

  20. I subscribed on 13 of this April,2018 via online & was not connected to,not until yesterday the 17th of april,2018 that I lodged a complain to the nearest dstv centre & it’s now working, but some of the stations are not working e.g 152,153,198.Pls,reconnect me to those stations.Thanks in anticipation.the smart card num.is 4133632996.phone num.is 08033624697

  21. I subscribed today Thursday been 01/03/2018 through online with Ref : 888935643936 and I am yet to be connected back my smart card number is 10210976436 and my phone number is 08130603884.please Kindly connect me back.

  22. My subscription normally expires by 5th of every month, although I pay before due date, but I’ve been disconnected today 27th please fix the problem. Thanks

  23. I did subscribe for Dstv family package on Friday 22nd of December,2017and today it was written on the screen that my subscription has been suspended and the customer care line is not active so please reconnect me back.1043043842.

  24. Hello. I migrated from compact to premium subscription and pay since on the 16th of this month. my last payment suppose to expire on the 21st of the month. now my subscription has been de activated.

    please kindly connect me back. cause i have paid through my online banking.
    my smart card number is 1013567344. Thanks.

  25. Since a month I paid my subscription I have not gotten clear vision and now that my payment is due,do expect me to go and pay again? Your office in kubwa abuja is close.

    • Good morning
      Sunday filani
      I pay my subscription for confam these morning and is not showing.my icu is 7022179428 have been calling you line/number is not going thru

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