How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal On MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo

We recently published posts on MTN, ETISALAT, GLO and AIRTEL data plans, subscription codes and prices however we have come to notice that the telecom networks have a feature for data subscription called auto renewal and this auto renews your data immediately it gets to the expiry date and also deducts your airtime for that value of data bundle.

The average smart phone user or internet surfer would prefer to purchase these data plans at their convenience and time so most users do not like the auto renewal feature even though it may come with some benefits like having some extra days before your next subscription expires or extra data if you enable the auto renewal.

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48 hours or 24 hours before your data subscription expires, you should get a text message informing you of the cutoff date and that the subscription will be auto renewed. It also comes with the code to disable the auto renewal however most users do not get this message or accidentally delete the message.

To stop the auto renewal feature find the codes below for your network.

To Stop Auto Renewal On MTN
Send an sms with the word  “NO” to 131

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To Stop Auto Renewal On ETISALAT
Send an sms with the word ”STOP” to 229

To Stop Auto Renewal On AIRTEL
Send an sms with the word  “STOPAUTORENEW” to 440

To Stop Auto Renewal On GLO
Send an sms with the word  “CANCEL” to 127



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  1. degashman

    MTN are noting but thieves, bin trying to opt out bt not successful… I called d customer care but the funniest thing is that they too can not do it from there system. MTN are the worst network

  2. treasure

    they did not cancel it! And i want to cancel the auto renewal

  3. Husseini Garba kuta

    What there doing is too bad this happen to me i cancel the auto renewal there telling is incorrect wat is the exatly code to stop the bundle in mtn

  4. Tryomf

    I never comment on a post but i had to

    To say this:

    Thanks a whole lot

  5. Evangelist Emmanuel Geoffery

    I love MTN but what I don’t understand is the patterns they uses sometimes, I am saying this not to discourage anyone. I love MTN .

  6. Oladimeji

    Thank u for the info.
    If u still find it difficult to opt out of the subscribed service. Kindly get d ussd code of your subscribed plan. Once u know d ussd code…
    NoUSSD to 131

    E.g mtn extra data of N300 is D300
    To cancel this….just send

    NoD300 to 131

    You will receive an sms like this

    Your Deactivation to XtraData 300 is successful. Dial *131*2# and subscribe to another XtraValue bundle. Thank you!

    1. sanusi Hashim

      Thanks. it works.

  7. edesun

    Mtn are scammer..i have try for several time but still telling error command

  8. NO104 works.

  9. azeez

    Mtn won’t kill me

  10. Abugu junior

    Thanks alot

  11. Pat Onah

    Please MTN, just stop decieving people. Send’NO’ to 131 and they will tell you it is incorrect. This is to enable them cintinue the thieving exercise.

    1. Tonero

      You’re correct.That’s exactly what happened to me now.What i did was to use my remaining bal to zero naira before the auto renewal.God punish all of those bastard

    2. beebee

      No, you are supposed to send *NO104* and you will be deactivated instantly…Trust me this will work out just fine

  12. ologbenla adebowale sunsay

    i have sent No several times but they kept debiting my account what else can i do. thanks

  13. Tricia

    The no doesn’t work

    1. Hello.
      The actual rule for MTN is that you text NO plus the code for the service to 131. For instance if you are on a data plan subscribed to using code 102, to cancel the auto renew simply text “NO 102” to 131. That’s all.

  14. Daniel

    I sent the sms to stop mtn auto renewal but i haven’t gotten a reply that it has been stopped. Pls help me with the USSD code for peforming this operation

  15. John

    I have sent NO to 131 several times, yet am still being debited so i decided to empty my credit, at the scheduled time of renewal, they sent me sms saying no sufficient fund’ thanks to god, I will not credit the phone again.

  16. Abdul

    Thank you for that.

  17. Thanks for the info. Must of the time, the network providers don’t adequately equip their customers with sufficient info like this.

    It’s a great dig.

    1. Its just a way of ripping off their customers.

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