9mobile Data Plans: Bundles & Subscription Codes

If you’ve been away from the country for some time, the name 9Mobile may seem strange to you but if I were to ask if you’ve ever heard of Etisalat, then you would probably understand.

9Mobile was established based on the decision of Etisalat International to exit the Nigerian market after their inability to pay an outstanding $1.2 billion loan which they had incurred when the telecommunications outfit was established in the country.

The company had struggled to pay the loan and as at the time of their exit, they had only paid 42% of the loan.

9mobile data plans

Their decision to exit the Nigerian market led to a quick handover to 9mobile. Prior to this, the CEO of Etisalat International, Hatem Dowidar on behalf of the company had given Etisalat Nigeria three weeks to close down activities in the country.

9mobile was the product of this process and the company is currently led by Mr Boye Olusanya and the chairman is Mr Joseph Nnanna, a former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria.

The name 9Mobile comes from their 0809ja heritage, their Nigerianness and their evolution over the last 9 years. The number themed one represents resilience and continuity. It also reflects the network’s futuristic perspective. Also, the colour green signifies vibrancy, life and dynamism.

Currently, 9Mobile seems to have arrived with a bang and they are leveraging on some of the successful products of Etisalat including their internet service and data plans to grow their user base in the country.

Now that you have the basic information on 9Mobile, you might just be thinking of buying one of their data plans for your mobile device.

There are many data options from 9mobile to meet your needs as an individual, a family or an organization.

You may be wondering if their internet service offers fast internet access and you probably want to try out one of the short term data plan may be the daily option.

Well, there’s really no problem with that. Whether, you want a long term internet plan or a short term plan, 9mobile certainly has data bundles that you can use to meet your unique data needs

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More importantly, these data plans by 9mobile are quite affordable providing good value for money.

9mobile data plans, prices, and subscription codes

In this post, we’ve listed all the data bundles available on 9mobile and all you need to do after reading this post is to simply choose one of these plans and you’re good to go.

Daily Plan

The daily plan is for those that probably don’t want a long term commitment due to one reason or the other.

This data plan is usable for 24 hours and there are currently 2 options available.

The first option is the 10MB data plan which cost N50. If you’d like to subscribe to this plan dial *229*3*8# or you can send MI3 to 229

The second option is the 40MB data plan. This plan cost N100 and to subscribe to this plan, you just need to dial *229*3*1# or you can send MI1 to 229.

Weekly Plans

The weekly plan is another option for you depending on your data need. The plan is valid for 7 days. The data allowance is 150MB and it cost N200. If you want to subscribe to this plan, you just need to dial *229*2*10# or you can send LCD to 229

Monthly Data Plans

The monthly data plan is valid for 30 days and there are many options to choose from depending on your browsing needs.

There’s the 500MB data plan which cost N500. If you want to subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*12# or you can send LCD2 to 229.

You can also subscribe to the 1GB data plan and it cost N1000. If you want to subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*7#.

Also, there’s the 1.5GB data plan. The plan cost N1200. If you want to subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*25# or send AND11 TO 229.

The 2.5GB plan is another monthly plan. It cost N2000 and you can subscribe by dialling *229*2*8# or send AND2 to 229.

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The 4GB plan is an exciting monthly plan. The plan cost N3000 and you can subscribe to this plan by dialling *229*2*35#.

The 5.5GB plan cost N4000. It is another monthly plan which gives you access to more data. If you want to subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*9#

The 11.5GB data plan is monthly plan for heavy data user. The plan cost N8000 and you can subscribe to this plan by dialling *229*2*5# or you can send MB6 to 229.

However, if you spend more time browsing at night or over the weekend, you can find amazing bundles with 9mobile.

Night & Weekend Data Plans 

The 1GB weekend plan is valid between 11:59pm on Friday to Sunday 11:59pm and costs N500. If you want to subscribe to this plan, you can dial *5995*2#

The 1GB night plan is valid from 12a.m to 5a.m every night for one month. The plan cost N200 and to subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*11#

Evening plan

This plan is valid for 30 days from 7p.m to 7a.m. There are 2 options.

First, the 2GB evening plan which cost N1000. If you want to subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*12#

Or you can use the 5GB evening plan. The plan cost N2000 and to subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*13#. This plan also comes with a 100MB WhatsApp data which is available 24/7.

Finally, if you’re subscribed to any of the 9mobile data plans, your data will be automatically renewed if you have enough airtime on your phone to pay for the data plan.

However, if you don’t want to renew your subscription, you can cancel the auto-renewal before your data expires. This is done by dialling *229*0#. Another method of cancelling the auto-renewal data plan is to text STOP to 229.
Also, at any point in the validity period of your data bundle, you can check the data balance on your device by simply dialling *228#.

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