Glo Data Plan for Android Phones and Tablets


If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet, then Glo Nigeria, like other network providers in the country, has suitable data subscription plans for you.


Before you go ahead to choose a suitable Glo data plan for your Android phone or tablet, be sure to confirm that Glo Nigeria’s 3G signal is very strong in your area. If you’re in a location where Glo’s 3G connectivity is weak, I strongly recommend that you opt for data plans by MTN, Airtel, or Etisalat, instead.

Best Glo Data Plans for Android Devices in Nigeria

Here is the list of plans under the package:

  • N50 plan: gives you 30MB valid for 24 hours (to subscribe, dial *124*14#)
  • N100 plan: gives you 100MB valid for 24 hours (to subscribe, dial *127*51#)
  • N200 plan: gives you 200MB valid for 72 hours (to subscribe, dial *127*56#)
  • N1000 plan: gives you 2GB of data (to subscribe, dial *127*53#)
  • N2,000 plan: gives you 6GB of data (to subscribe, text “55” to 127, or dial *127*55#)
  • N3,000 plan: gives you 12GB of data (to subscribe, text “54” to 127, or dial *127*54#)
  • N2,500 plan (So Special): gives you 10GB of data (to subscribe, text “58” to 127, or dial *127*58#)
  • N4,000 plan: gives you 18GB of data (to subscribe, dial *127*59#)
  • N5,000 plan: gives you 24GB of data (to subscribe, text “11” to 127, or dial *127*11#)
  • N8,000 plan: gives you 48GB of data (to subscribe, text “12” to 127, or dial *127*12#)
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From the list, you’ll see that the best Glo data plan (for now) is the So Special plan, which gives you access to 4.5GB of data (24/7) for 30 days for just N2,500. Again, to subscribe to this awesome plan, text “58” to 127, or dial *127*58#.

Codes for additional information about Glo data plans

  • To verify whether the promo is still on, text “MENU” to 127.
  • To check your data bundle balance, text “INFO” to 127.
  • To cancel your subscription to any Glo data plan, text “CANCEL” to 127.
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