How to Transfer & Share Data on MTN, Etisalat, Glo & Airtel


You can share your data with family or friends on the same network with you. MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel can do this easily with the steps below

Data Share

How To Transfer Data From MTN To MTN
To transfer Data in Mega byte data (MB) from One MTN sim to another.
Ensure you have Enough Data of at least 10MB.
Type the code *131*2 # – Follow the prompted actions and you are done.
Enter 0000 as your PIN or you can choose to change your PIN.

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How To Transfer Data From Airtel To Airtel
To transfer Airtel Data follow the steps below.
For 10MB: dial *141*712*11*recipient number#
For 25MB: dial *141*712*9* recipient number #
For 60MB dial *141*712*4* recipient number #.
Note: There will be a deduction of #100 or 10MB from your account for the data transfer.
You can dial *141*1# and follow the voice prompts to get more information on Airtel data transfer.

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How To Transfer Data From Etisalat To Etisalat
To transfer Etisalat Data follow the following steps below
Dial *229*recipient*Amount of MB# (example *229*08099999999*50#)
*229*recipient*Amount Of MB*pin# (example *229*08099999999*50*pin#)
After doing this, the Data you specified will be transferred to the recipients number.

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How To Transfer Data From GLO To GLO
To share or transfer Glo Data follow the steps below.
Dial *127*Data Plan Code*receiver’s number# (example *127*53*0805003xxxx#)
from the example above, 53 is the Data Plan Code for Always Micro subscription and is being sent or transferred as a gift to 0805003xxxx

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Transferring GLO BIS or Data Plan Via SMS
To do the same via SMS, text “Gift (Data plan name of your choice) (receiver’s glo number)”
to 127 (example “Gift Always Micro 0805003xxxx”) as text message to 127 will gift an Always Micro
data plan to 0805003xxxx



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  1. fola

    Mtn isnt working with *131*2# o

  2. Please I cannot transfer data on etisalat it states that invalid code

  3. tinex

    the mtn to mtn data transfer code is not working at all

  4. Dupsy

    Pls how can I share data from Airtel to Airtel

  5. damola

    The transfer code for mtn is not working at all

    1. Bruce

      It works Bro
      Try transferring 50 mb
      You don’t transfer more than 50mb at a goal

  6. Daniel

    pls i am trying *131*2# to transfer my data but it is not working out kindly help me

    1. Ebenezer

      I need another code to share data on mtn.the order one didn’t work

  7. Authority

    The mtn data share code is not working
    Its saying code not recognized
    Please help me out

  8. Fanco

    please I am typing *131*2# and there is no option for transfer data please help what should I do

  9. Derick

    pls i am trying *131*2# to transfer my data but it is not working out kindly help me


    how can i start data reselling business of all the networks?

  11. Audu Moses

    how can i share my 50Gb mtn data with my etisalat line dan allah

  12. mrvixi

    it’s not working why

  13. John

    *141*712*4* number # I try aitel but it telling me not recognize

  14. happiness

    If some is sharing my data without my knowledge from my mtn SIM and I want to terminate it how can I do it

  15. Stephen

    I want to find out if it’s possible to transfer mtn data to glo or airtel subscriber

  16. yes, you are right. When it comes to cheap data glo has it bettter, but the network assessment is too poor and bad especially in GRA.
    Any I still prefer glo.

  17. Bshit

    For mtn its x131x3x1#

  18. caleb

    Pls any help. I want to share in-betweeny friends 3000 for 12 000gig how do l give them

  19. Akinbobola

    All these nigerian networks are thieves.
    How come when i buy data from them it quickly finishes but when i use the likes of swift it last longer than theirs. I am reall sad about the fact that nigerians will never be truthful to others. To me glo is even better than mtn, airtel and etisalat when it comes to cheap data.

  20. Chukwukeluo

    Having allowed someone to share my Glo data can I stop or terminate the access before the subscription expires or exhausts?

    1. Eniola Adeyemi

      yes u can

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