How To Send and Receive Money with PayPal on BBM


Now users can send and receive money/funds from friends and family via PayPal on BBM. Right there where the BBM Chat is happening funds can be sent easily and seamlessly.

RIM rolled out a feature a while back where users can Advertise on BBM, the process is a little tedious and we can only imagine where a user can pay for the sponsored ads directly for BBM ads via PayPal in the nearest future.

A feature launched mid August 2015 and still in Beta stage, it will be available for some selected users starting from Canada and then other BBM users around the world.

As explained in This Post, opening a PayPal account in Nigeria is possible and quite easy linking it up with your bank account (savings or current). However the Nigerian PayPal is limited to just sending funds and not receiving for now.

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Sending PayPal funds through BBM is easy and straight forward as explained below.

How To Send and Receive Money with PayPal on BBM

  • On your BBM Screen select the “Send Money” icon.
  • A page will be opened where you can connect your BBM and your PayPal account together (this is a one time connection as subsequent requests will not need you connecting your account).
  • Open the Chat Screen of the Family or Friend you intend sending money to (the receiving party will also have to connect his or her BBM to their PayPal account as well).
  • Enter the Amount to be sent.
  • Review your details and hit the Send icon.
  • Enter your PayPal password

Note: This feature is only available on BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS phones.


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