MTN Data Plan Bundle: MTN Data Bundles & Internet Subscription Codes

Regardless of how frequently you browse the internet, MTN has a good number of internet data plans that you can choose from. All you need to do is read through the various plans (as explained below), and simply send or dial the specific activation code for that plan. Your bundle plan will be activated immediately, and you will receive an SMS confirming this.


Below are the available internet data plans offered by MTN:

  • 30MB plan (N100): This allows you to enjoy 30MB of data for 24 hours. To activate, text 104 to 131. It is a daily plan.
  • 100MB plan (N200): This allows you to enjoy 100MB of data for 24 hours. To activate, text 113 to 131. It is a daily plan.
  • 750MB plan (N500): This also allows you to enjoy 750MB of data, but for 7 days (24/7). To activate, text 103 to 131.
  • 1.5GB plan (N1,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 1500MB of data for 30 days (24/7). To activate, text 106 to 131.
  • 3.5GB plan (N2,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 3500MB of data for 30 days (24/7). To activate, text 110 to 131.
  • 10GB plan (N5,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 10,000MB of data for 30 days (24/7). To activate, text 116 to 131.
  • 22GB plan (N10,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 22,000MB of data for 30 days (24/7). To activate, text 117 to 131.
  • 50GB plan (N20,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 50 GB of data for 60 days.  (24/7). To activate, text 118 to 131.
  • 86GB plan (N50,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 85GB of data for 90 days (24/7). To activate, text 133 to 131.
  • 2015MB (N2015): This plan  allows you to enjoy 2015MB of data for 30 days (24/7). To activate, text SPB to 131.
  • 4.5GB Night plan (N2,500). This plan allows you to enjoy 4.5GB of data for 30 days (9pm to 6am). To activate, dial *102#.
  • 4.5GB (N6,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 4.5GB of data for 30 days (24/7). To activate, dial *129#.
  • 4.5GB (N2,500): This plan allows you to enjoy 4.5GB of data for 30 days (1.5GB day 6:01am to 8:59pm and 3GB night 9pm to 6am). To activate, dial *120#.
  • 7.5GB (N8,000): This plan allows you to enjoy 7.5GB of data for 30 days (24/7). To activate, dial *101#.
  • Facebook Weekly for N25: To activate text FBW to 131
  • Facebook Monthly for N60: To activate, text FBM to 131
  • Twitter Weekly for N25: To activate, text TWTW to 131
  • Twitter Monthly for N60: To activate, text TWTM to 131
  • Eskimi Weekly  for N25: To activate, text ESKW to 131
  • Eskimi Monthly for N60: To activate, text ESKM to 131.
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To check your data usage: dial *559*2# or text 102 to 131

MTN allows you to roll over your unused data to the next month. For example, if you have 100MB of data left for this month, it will be added to your data for next month — provided that you allow automatic renewal. That is, you must have loaded the subscription amount before your current plan expires.

Note that all the plans work for Android, iPhone and laptop users.

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PS. Before subscribing to any of these plans, ensure that the 3G network is available in your area. (If your phone does display 3G or H beside the network signal indicator, this means the 3G network is available). Without 3G, you won’t enjoy high-speed browsing.


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  1. Marvin

    please my subscription date is still far and i have less MB left, can i add more MB to an already existing one? or i will need to opt out first before re subscribing.

    best regards

  2. onwa chinagorom

    my one week data subscription is still on but I want to subscribe for one month am I going to lose my one data subscription?

  3. Steve

    How can I use this plan on BB i.e 1.5G for 1K on BB

  4. Godson

    wat is de airtime bonus when u buy
    mtn 1.5gb for #1000

  5. JOsxy




  7. Easy

    Please can any one help me with this mtn cheap ? Please

  8. joshua

    please i subscribed to mtn 2h data plan and when it exhasted my sim has failed to reach the net. I had credit on it but it couldnt browse, i subscribed 2 the 10mb data and yet it still cant browse. It happened to 2 mtn sims ì have. Seriously mtn needs to look into this matter its anoying. Heres my num 08163093404 i got no email

  9. bobby

    Please I have incessant deduction from my airtime as payment for data use while I have my subscription on my blackberry. how can I tackle this pls. thanks

  10. Adeyemi Shadrach

    This Post really helpful, you people are great.

  11. onukwubiri

    I am satisfied on the responses you offered on the data bundle services as it affects my android and PC, thank you for your services to the public.

  12. miri samuel

    I can’t check my bundle usage on my Laptop. Don’t just know how far i have gone. Tried *559*2# but to no avail. What’s the code please?

    1. Blessed

      Dial *131*4#

  13. Isaac

    I hv resolved to sub. for MTN 4.5GB, bt pls, hw can I browse for free on it? Incase its nt enough for me.


    1. I’ve never tried it myself but i have seen a friend browse for free on mtn recently by using as the APN leaving other settings empty and it works for him.

      You can try that. Goodluck

  14. Isaac

    Pls, I want to knw whc one is better, either MTN browsing plans or Multilink browsing plans?

    A friend jst advice me that I shu go for Multilinks, that I can browse for free.

    1. Hello Isaac, yes you may be aable to browse for free with some tweaking but what happens when it ends?
      Also you can browse in any state with mtn but multilinks is only limited to some states.

      1. Gilbert

        were ever I do night browsing I don’t enjoy the network

  15. Isaac

    Pls, if I buy d 4.5GB plan (night and day), can I use it on my modem (Laptop), wll it serve me well?
    I am askg this qstn bcoz I once tried that on another network and as I tried to browse wt it on d laptop, it just cleared d whole GB under few mins.
    Pls respond. And if yes is it the same activation code?

    1. Yes it works on laptop and its the same activation code

  16. Cindy

    pls I ve exhausted my day plan. nw does it mean dat reactivating my data plan will require me to subscribe again. am so confused

  17. ayodeji

    The 120 to 131 does nt exist. You can use the 3GB at nite alone and the 1.5GB for day alone by switching manually. I just discover that and it’s great.

  18. tayo

    How do I buy mtn blackberry 10 monthly bundle for500mb

  19. Treasure

    pls will I also receive d same amt of my subscription as airtime bonus as Artel gives.

  20. Harmoney

    Mtn lovely nd nicelly network

  21. chriswhite

    what are the latest cheats for browsing in java phones

  22. emmanuel ajewolex

    fenks Vic……..nite rest

  23. emmanuel ajewolex

    please if I may ask can I make use of my 260mb both day and nite and can I use it for my Watsap bbm and Facebook .?

    1. Yes you can

  24. Confidence

    Is this plan still available?

    1. Yes it is.

      1. fred

        Pls can this day and night plan work in a blackberry 10?

        1. Yes it does.

  25. Hans

    how do deactivate my 4.5gb plan. 1.5g day and 3g night plan

  26. Hans

    Thanks for sharing this information

  27. My device (iPad) does not send SMS; any tip on how I can check my data balance without transferring the SIM card to a mobile phone? I’m on the new day/night plan. Thanks in advance.

  28. Pappy

    Good stuff

  29. Justme

    Pls can I use the day and the night gig on my modern wen I slot it to my PC and is it going to work perfectly as in normal browsing?

    1. Yes it will work

  30. dat boi

    hello, i purchased mtn night plan, now i have exhausted both the day gig and night gig but my xpration date never commence, can i purchase a new plan or i will have to opt out of the current one???? PLS GET BACK TO ME ASAP SIR/MA

    1. You don’t have to opt out of the current one but if it doesn’t let you subscribe for a new bundle you’ll have to reset and resubscribe.

      To reset send Reset to 131

  31. Anas Abubakar

    this is very informative.
    thanks for it

  32. Monday Adio

    Appreciate your information

  33. Adunola

    Pls, is there a way that i can top up my 1.5g for the day time if it has been exhausted while the 3g for the nite is still ok. Txs.

  34. ogunyemi funmilayo

    My day plan got exhausted. How can I cancel the entire plan (ie day & night) and thereafter reactivate so that I can continue to enjoy the the day plan again, since I can’t wait till I exhaust the night plan. Of a fact, I hardly browse in the night.

    1. Hello Funmilayo, to cancel your MTN data plan Send reset to 131.

      1. ogunyemi funmilayo

        Thank you and God bless

        1. You’re welcome

  35. Nuel Oba

    Lovely piece of advice, this is what we need as Nigerians, some one to help us share and solver our day to day internet problems, thanks alot bro, you have really helped.

  36. Sir, Kuta

    To the best of my knowledge I think you can use the 1.5gb on daylight while 3GB in the night by simply turning off your data and switch it back again at night when it’s 9:00pm that will stop deduction from 1.5gb and switch to 3gb all the nights.

  37. Olotu

    Abbas, pls how do I deactivate automatic renewal of a data bundle? Thanks.

    1. To deactivate auto renewal Send No to 131

      1. Olotu

        Thank you Vic for this info, will try it out.

      2. donatus

        Is not working they are asking me to unsuscribe m2m zero prepaid ru bish

  38. presco

    Pls I dot knew wats rong. I bot the 4.5 gig nite plan but anytime I browse at night they deduct from my 1.5G daily and not the 3G. Then how can I check my 3G night plan balance? Thanks

    1. diran

      Send 2 to 131 to check your balance. It would show up including the expiry date.
      As for the deduction of your 1.5G at night try to reach their customer support.

  39. thanks for the info boss

  40. mr abass I need cold for handtoad subscription

  41. Ukeme Udoma

    Pls I want know if you have a data plan for black berry. If yes, does it work with other smart phones or it’s restricted to bb only? Airtel has it and it works with other smart phones as well and is cheaper than the regular smart phones subscription. I want to make a switch and I need to know b4 I switch.
    Thank you.

  42. Ubani

    Mr Abass what about the Mtn 2hours plan?

    1. javijabor

      Send 2H to 131

  43. Mahmoud

    Pls can I carry my BlackBerry Q5 mtn data plan to the month?

  44. elvis

    Pls can activate 10 or 25 mb with my night plan after the initial 1.5gb gets exhausted so I can use whats app during the day

    1. Abass


      I’m not sure if that will work.

  45. My oga, didn’t know you own this blog. Well done. Got what i needed. Cheers

  46. Lara

    Thanks, the information here has been helpful. About the night plan tho, what do I do if I exhaust the 4.5GB before expiration date? Can I reactivate? And if no, will I have to switch my cellular data off to avoid charges on my account? Plus if I switch my data off while waiting for auto renewal, will it auto renew. Thank you! Very much.

    1. Abass


      If you exhaust your 4.5 GB before the expiration date, you cannot reactivate until after the 30-day validity period. And each time you connect to the Internet before the validity period ends, you will be charged in credit.

      As for the auto-renew feature, it doesn’t work. You will have to re-subscribe by resending the code. However, if you do that on the same day your validity period ends, you will have your unused data from the previous month rolled over to the new month — that’s if you have any unused data left.

      Hope this answers your question?

  47. Please what’s the code I could use to check my remaining data?

    1. Abass

      To check your remaining bonus data, dial *559*2#
      To check your remaining main data, text 2 to 131, and you’ll receive a text message containing your remaining data.

      1. Arnold Malonga


        Im a Filipino and im working here in Nigeria here in Port Harcourt, i have problem when im cheking may data balance, when ever i send message to 131 my message failed what can i do, thank for your assistance i apprecite.

        1. Try checking your balance with *559#

  48. thanks,,bt what abt the blackberry service does mtn show you the remeining data balance?

  49. thanks,but what about blackberry plans does mtn shows you your remaining data left?

    1. special

      yes just text status to 21600 dats 4 BB

  50. anietie

    hw can I check my data balance,cus av already used the bonus data,am on night plan

    1. Abass

      Text 2 to 131. You’ll receive a text message showing your data balance.

  51. Usman

    Why is it that i cant use MTN BB Sub on my android phone, while airtel does that?

  52. fonny

    Pls Abass can this mtn nite plan data be shared with someone else? Ie can I subscribe and then share the 4.5gig with someone else?

    1. Abass

      I’m not sure if you can share with someone else. I’ve never tried it before.

  53. titi

    Happy you acted on my complaint. Have a good day sir.

  54. titi

    Whoever posted information on this website needs to paste the right information. I used the details given for the nite plan (*108#) and that gave me the weekend plan. This is totally on unfair. If posting valuable information on your site please check that it’s correct. Extremely disappointed.

    1. Abass


      With a sense of deep regret, I sincerely apologize for the mistake made in the blog post, which led to your acting upon wrong information.

      It’s quite unfortunate that we got the information from an incorrect source and were not careful enough to crosscheck the blog post afterwards. We’re very sorry for disappointing you and for all forms of inconvenience caused as a result of our blunder.

      Please accept our apology.

      PS. We have updated the blog post with the correct information to avoid misinforming other people.


  55. pls will this plan work for a PC? As in can i use it on my modem?

    1. Abass

      Yes, it will work on your PC through a modem

    2. Chris

      Firstly! There is a way you can use the 3G night in the day time when your 1.5 day plan is exhausted. And is working
      Secondly! You can subscribe for more data even when your monthly subscription is not yet expired and your remain 3G night plan will be rolled over. The second information is simple. And can be said or written publicly And this is how it works, if you subscribe for the 4.5 day and night plan and your 1.5G morning got finished you can simply subscribe again by by texting 102 to 131 and you remaining data will be rolled over. The first. The first information is confidential and can NEVER be said or written publicly because of the unknown.

      1. Laycon

        Pls i need information on how i can use 3Gig Night in d day. Pls

  56. Daniel U.C

    Hello sir, pls if my night plan is still remaining, can it be reactivated with a lower plan? I mean like with 100MB plan

    1. Abass


      No, you cannot reactivate it with a lower plan. You need to renew with a similar plan.

  57. Thanks much for sharing. Abass, please how can I make the 3gigg to work during day after the 1.5gigg is exhausted. Thanks

    1. Abass

      Lekan, there’s no way you can get the 3GB to work during the day (except, perhaps you go the unethical way). Once you’ve exhausted your 1.5GB bonus, your use of the 3GB data will be restricted to between 9pm — 6am.

  58. kesha

    Abass can the 3GB exhaust before it expires before

  59. Thanks a lot for this valuable information you have shared.

  60. Luqman

    Thanx for the info. For the nite plan, is it possible to use the main 3gb @ nites while the bonus 1.5gb can be used exclusively in the daytime? I want to be sure that I will not have to exhaust the 1.5gb on both day and nite before I can access the 3gb which of course can be used only @ nites thereby getting cut off in the daytime.

    1. Abass


      Well, that’s exactly how it works. You will have to exhaust the 1.5GB bonus on both day and night before you’re restricted to the night-only 3GB.

      If you’re looking for a way to restrict your bonus 1.5GB to the day, while you use your 3GB at night, sorry, that’s not possible.

      1. Luqman

        A bass,
        Thank you. God bless you. Keep up the good work.

        1. Abass

          You’re welcome, bro.

  61. This is a great information. thanks

    1. Abass

      You’re welcome, Chibuzo.

      1. paul

        Hello Mr Abass,
        Pls I want to know if the 4.5GB is still working and if is working on android phones.

        1. Yes it is still working

  62. Aliyu sulaiman Gumi

    Iam very worry with mtn service becouse the mtn service has been size for 4 days why,and i receive code from mtn which iwill to give 5 mb data for 5 naira but now mtn stop this.

    1. Abass


      Sorry about that. Have you tried contacting customer support? Maybe you opt for the plans described above instead.

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