VPS Hosting in Nigeria: List of Top VPS Hosting Companies

VPS Hosting in Nigeria is among the best hosting plans, it allows you do all that can be done with a dedicated server on its lowest price.

VPS Hosting is done with two separate types; the Windows VPS and Linux VPS. The windows VPS server is very popular because you can use it easily and the Linux is gradually gaining popularity.

When you are on VPS hosting, a physical server is broken down into smaller portions and each portion can do all a dedicated server can do. This is some of the capacity of VPS hosting. Every computer that is connected to the Internet, including every home computer and the server that hosts your website, has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is very important because this address is what allows one computer to talk to another, or send information between them. However, due to shared web hosting some websites may possibly end up sharing the same IP.

Colocation is a great option for web hosting if you are a growing small business facing greater hosting needs. When you host your server at a colocation facility you will be able to run your sites at greater speeds and with more security.

More and better bandwidth for your money.

If you host your server with a colocation provider, you will be able to run your websites with higher bandwidth speeds, which will come in handy if your websites require a lot of processing or if you host a lot of HD video.

More reliable hosting.

Since colocation facilities exist to host servers, they are equipped to handle power outages and other events that can render a server useless for a short time. Colocation providers make sure to have plenty of backup generator power just in case a power outage does happen so that you aren’t left with a bunch of websites that won’t load because the server can’t run.

More security.

Colocation providers offer added security as well. The facilities are dedicated to servers, so the environment is set up for easy maintenance and optimized for security. If you’ve been having issues with security or other similar problems with your machines, this may be yet another reason to consider colocation.

The ability to have the colocation facility manage your servers.

Your colocation facility may have the ability to manage your servers if you so require. This could add convenience if you do not have anyone with an IT background on staff who is readily available to upgrade or maintain your servers. Of course, this service will come at an extra cost, but this option might add the hassle-free aspect of high bandwidth server hosting that you require in your colocation facility.

You own the server and the software.

You can go into your colocation provider at any time during it’s operating hours so that you can upgrade your servers with new software or do anything else that’s needed.

How it Works

In the early days of the Internet every IP address used was in the form of an IPv4 address, unfortunately it wasn’t predicted or thought of, just how big the Internet would one day become. Because of that all available IPv4 addresses have been taken, however you can rest as ease as the new protocol IPv6 still has plenty of addresses left to go around. For now however let’s get back on track of why I was writing this article in the first place, shared IP addresses and web hosting. You can think of sharing an IP, as you would general delivery for regular old fashion mail. That is everything is delivered to one place, as you could imagine there will need to be much more work completed to get things to the final destination. After the packets of data arrive (load) at the server, the server must then sort these packets again, this time they use additional information, so the final destination can be determined and the data can be sent on its way. Of course to someone who is surfing the Internet this process is hidden from view, and perhaps happens without their knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes. So it can be said that to an ordinary Internet surfer it will make no difference whether your website has its own dedicated IP or if it’s using a shared IP address, click this over here now If you want to buy Ipv4 address.

Benefits of Shared IP Addresses

There are some benefits of sharing an IP with other websites, such as it makes it easier for a web hosting company to maintain a server. Of course these savings are usually passed down to the consumer of these web hosting services, which in the end benefits everybody involved with these shared IP. This is great news for someone looking to start a website on a limited budget, as running a site with a dedicated IP address will usually cost you at least a couple more bucks a month. This may be the way to go if you’re a small business looking to build a presence online.

Features of VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting

  • Your VPS hosting package can be easily customized. You can run a number of programs on it.
  • It offers more security as other customers activity does not affect you
  • Usually comes with a dedicated IP address
  • Offer you more value for every buck you spend
  • There is a provision for daily backup at no extra cost.

Ten Top VPS Hosting Companies in Nigeria

1. ServerMania

Servermania provide the best server hosting for business. Their server are specially designed for the small business. you can check it out here 2020 servers for small business.


VPS Hosting in Nigeria from a Nigerian VPS hosting company. They provide you with affordable hosting and you are permitted to pay with so many options. You can check it out here      https://web4africa.ng/VPS-hosting.php


They might not be a common name but they are also very good as they offer you so many features with their VPS plans and their package comes at affordable price.

Check them out on www.hostflexi.com/VPS.html


This company provides Reliable Managed VPS in Nigeria


You can also subscribe for Virtual Server. They enable root access and have a well-protected server.


Vbhostnet offers and provides Xen and OpenVz Linux VPS Hosting to Nigerians, so this means that they may not have the windows VPS. However you may still check them out.



Check out their site here www.weblagos.com/VPS

Hosting with WebLagos is not so popular but I have to include them in the list.


HostSleek offers you a multi choice options when it comes to a variety of services on webhosting and VPS hosting.


They sell reseller accounts package and also offer cloud hosting services. Hostsleek seems to be a major contender for the top spot.


Just like any other company they advertise their services in different ways. However you may check out their website for more information on their VPS plans and the prices such plan would normally go for.



They claim to have one of the cheapest VPS hosting in Nigeria and have added a number of new products on its service packages and these products are worth mentioning. Like WEBUZO VPS plan.

you can check their packages at www.PhilmoreHost.com

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