Start Browsing With Your Colleagues In The Real Time Hassle-Free


The process of sharing the browser screen will now be the simple one with the cobrowser website’s help. It will be more useful for the office employees and the others to watch the same browser even though they are in the distance apart. You will not find this kind of comfort anywhere and also the main advantage of this sharing. The browser is that you no need to install any operating system, application, or other software. It is the best one for mobile users and also the pc users to use it. It is not only comfortable to use on the mobile or the pc you can also use this on other devices like tab, laptop, etc.  Thus the cobrowsinng is possible in all types of gadgets. Open the browser, then paste the website that you want to discuss, and start discussing it on the virtual screen.

Best one for the colleagues

In recent times most of the business firms are finding it difficult to instructor telling about the particular website contents. Even though everyone has separate gadgets, it is not possible to share the screen properly. The sharing of the screen freely that to having the video chat, voice chat, and the other modes of chatting is possible without getting interrupted. You can simply discuss with your office teammates and get ready for the project that you want. It will be simpler to share with the more number of individuals in real-time. You can even be able to see the mouse cursor that your team mates are moving. Thus with the help of this website, it is possible to chat and discuss the particular website more clearly and gain knowledge. This will give a huge relationship bond with the team mates.

Thus using this, you can complete any kind of tough project within a limited time. It is simple to highlight the important points using the various colors as your cursor is visible to all the members in the virtual room. You can discuss even the secret information as the website will not gather any of the information. Most of the customers have tried this, and none of them have complained about the issue of privacy. The process of browsing about the particular website is not simple without the proper tools but here you no need of anything. It is simple to browse like a normal browser, and also you will not find any of the security issues.

Shop with your loved ones

The co-browsing is the special one for the users as they can able to enter the nay of the website that they want to share with their friends, family, or office mates. It is a good one for them to pass the website link in the browsing bar that is available. The link for co-browsing will be created, which will be easy to watch in real time. Instead of using the advanced software or other applications which is not safe and secure, you can choose this kind of browsing website to shop with your loved ones simultaneously.

Many of the shopping websites are available, and so you can use any of the gadgets. But the window that you are seeing will be visible to your co browser also. It will be more interesting for you both to shop for the best products and discuss the price and other things through the voice or other modes of chatting. It is completely secure and user-friendly. You do not even need to spend even a single amount as this is completely free. When you are in a long distance, then if you want to shop with your special one together, then it is possible using this website. You can simply voice chat or video call chat and enjoy the heavenly shopping.

Even with the whole family members, it is possible to shop as you can ask anyone about the designs and the color. Thus you will get a real shopping experience online, and so it is the best one during a pandemic situation. If the website is containing any of the videos, then all the members in the virtual chat room will have the chance to watch simultaneously. Thus this is increasing the relationship bond between your loved ones co-browsing.

Highlighting tools are available

When you are using the co-browsing website, it is easy for you to share a particular website more easily. You have to simply paste the website that you want to surf together with your team mates or partners. The particular link will be pasted, and this will help you to browse together or discuss with the highlighting tools that are present in it. It is a good one for indicating the best one that you see, and also you can discuss it more easily through the cobrowser. The browser works at high speed, and also, the safety and the security are available here. Your information will not be stolen even by your teammate, who is the browsing session. The operating systems are not a big matter as this browser is supporting all the types of it. If one member has the mobile and the other one has the laptop, then it is not the biggest issue as they both will receive and see the screen simultaneously. Thus this is comfortable for sharing the screen, which will help them to indicate or discuss conveniently.

The project discussion or other important group discussion or online group shopping is possible with the help of this co browser. This is the trending one among worldwide as this is free of cost and also you have many other extra features like editing, voice chatting, video chatting, etc. Security is the main thing that this browser is providing. All your chat history, logs, and other information will be deleted. When the room is created for the virtual chat, then it is the private, only none other will have the chance to hack or see it. The information that you are discussed will be deleted automatically when all the team members have left the room.


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