Quickteller Customer Care: Different Ways to Reach Them

About Quickteller

Quickteller is one of the most used means of online payments in Nigeria. Quickteller makes financial transactions easier to be conducted from wherever the user is located. It gives convenient access to an array of financial services such as recharge, bill payments, donations and state government payments, receiving of payments, air time recharge, internet data subscription,   electricity bills, cable TV bills, from DSTV bills to HiTV bills, to PHCN bills and recharge that actually tops up your line. 

All these are available to the user as long he or she has a bank account with any bank in Nigeria and an ATM card using your Naira Mastercard. The Quickteller makes use of the mobile app and online transactions in making these services available to customers. All you have to do is to link your Mastercard to your profile via this platform. Your email address and phone number will be required at sign-up as a means of communicating information, notices and documents to you. Whenever you want to make changes in any of such information should be logged as a ticket on https://help.interswitchgroup.com/

Security and Terms of Use 

  •   You are responsible for the security of all transactions conducted using your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet or other electronic devices, payment card or account
  •   All passwords must be kept secret. You are responsible for all activities undertaken using your username, associated password or Device. You are thereby expected to maintain the confidentiality of all your Account information and keeping your Device from unauthorized use.
  •   The company accepts no legal responsibility for any unauthorized use of your Device, payment card or account or any effects of same.
  •   In case your device has been stolen or there is unauthorized access to your payment card or account, it is your responsibility to immediately notify your bank to set restrictions on transactions made via your account and card.
  •   In case your device is stolen or there is unauthorized access to your Quickteller account, it is your responsibility to immediately log as a ticket on https://help.interswitchgroup.com/
  •   If you query any purchase or withdrawal on your card or account, you will be required to prove that the transaction was effected without your authorization and such transaction will be investigated by the fraud Team once a logged ticket is issued on https://help.interswitchgroup.com/

Sometimes, issues come up with transactions and services provided by Quickteller. Such issues could come up as a result of the faults or mistakes of the user. These include issues such as recharging the wrong number, transferring funds to the wrong account, failed transaction (i.e. user has been debited for transaction, but value was not received), paying bills to the wrong customer ID, faults with transactions or systems, overpaying for a service etc and people are always looking for ways to reach quickteller customer care either on phone or online on their website via live chat.

This article gives information on the various means through which you can contact the Quickteller customer care. So should you have any issue, enquiry, complaints or request, feel free to contact quickteller through any of the mediums listed below.

Firstly, you must know that quickteller is a product of Interswitch and therefore issues regarding this payment scheme can be resolved by contacting Interswitch via this contact addresses:

You can save time by requesting your service online. Interswitch will help find a solution directly or connect you to an expert online. You can do this by visiting the Interswitch official website:

https://help.interswitchgroup.com and logging on to the dashboard with your Quickteller account

Here the following details will be required: user’s mobile number, transaction amount, transaction date, transaction type and any other detail, this is to help them resolve your conflict. Quickteller communicates with the financial institution, merchant or telecommunication company in question to reverse the said sum as soon as possible.

You can also contact



Or Corporate Communications

Group Marketing and Corporate Communications


+234 1 628 3 888 or send a text to 1253

Investor Relations

Financial Management Group


+234 1 628 3 888 or text 1700

You can also visit their offices at the following locations:

Lagos office

Plot 1648C, Oko-Awo Close, Victoria Island

Lagos Nigeria, P.M.B. 80164

Business Contact: +234 1 628 3 888

Customer Support: +234 700 906 5000

Port Harcourt Office

Charis plaza, 10 Olu Obasanjo Road,

Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Business Contact: +234 1 628 3 888

Customer Support: +234 700 906 5000

Abuja Office

6th floor, Churchgate Towers,

473 Constitution Avenue Central Business District, Abuja

Business Contact: +234 1 628 3 888

Customer Support: +234 700 906 5000

The Customer care is opened from 9a.m to 6 p.m on Monday to Friday and 10a.m to 5p.m on Saturdays. To further make enquiries about products, services or your order on Quickteller. You can contact them by email at info@quickteller.com

Quickteller Customer Care Phone Number.

You can contact quickteller 24/7 customer care team or the support desk by calling 07009065000, 01-6283888, 01-9065000.

 Please note that these calls are not free, you will be charged based on your network provider.

Online Quickteller Contact Details.

However, in case you don’t have enough airtime to reach quick teller offline through a phone call, you can make use of the online quickteller services via their website, email and social media accounts.

  •   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Quickteller/.
  •   Twitter.
  •   Email: support@Interswitchng.com.
  •   Website: https://www.quickteller.com/help/
  •   In case you have challenges with the scheme, there is a search engine platform on their website known as “Qoogle” where it will be addressed.

You can also visit their Head Offices at the following addresses Abuja: 6th floor, Churchgate Towers, 473 Constitution Avenue Central Business District.

  •   Lagos: Plot 1648C, Oko Awo Close, VI, P.M.B 80164.
  •   Port-Harcourt: Charis Plaza, 10 Olu Obasanjo Road.


This article has provided you with various methods by which you can contact quickteller customer care in Nigeria. However, it is advisable you reach them via a phone call for easier and faster access.

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  1. Good morning Customer Care Unit, I made a payment for swift internet. I was debited but my internet account have not be credited. Please help ensure refund is made or give me value for it. Thanks

  2. Pls you people should stop debiting me all the time,pls check my name Ogidi Chidi Joseph and Account number 2115352296 U B A bank, everything time debit on my account why, it’s really paining me,pls sort out.. thanks.

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