How to Transfer Credit/Airtime from one Network to Another

Swap NAijaHave you ever thought about the possibility of sharing your credit/airtime to a family or friend? I mean someone on another network.

To make things clearer so you get the full picture, let’s say you are on the MTN network and a friend or family on Etisalat needs credit or airtime. Do you know it is now possible to make that transfer to that person in Nigeria? Using companies like, can help you do this better and more secure.

Three young talented individuals came up with an application called SwapNaija which can be gotten on Android Play Store and Blackberry World. You don’t need to remember complex USSD codes like *3443*4*bla bla bla# as the swap naija app takes care of all that.

Now there is a catch to it, for every transfer there is a little fee attached to it. Swap Naija gets to keep 10% of every transfer made as commission for that transfer. For example, if you transfer airtime worth N1,000 to a friend, that friend will receive only N900 instantly.

Once you download the application you will need to configure your account with the mobile network you operate with. After configuring your account you can begin to use the swap service by clicking on the “Swap” icon and filling out all necessary details.You can also access your account on their web interface on

Some of the services you can get on the Swap Naija application apart from the swap feature includes:

  • Checking your swap log of all transfers made in recent time
  • Viewing your account details
  • Syncing your mobile app with the web interface
  • Sending feedback to the developers when there are any bugs or glitches
  • A guide showing the steps needed for swapping
  • Frequently asked questions page about Swap Naija.

So now you can transfer credit from:

MTN to Etisalat, MTN to Airtel, MTN to Glo
Etisalat to MTN, Etisalat to Airtel, Etisalat to Glo
Glo to MTN, Glo to Etisalat, Glo to Airtel
Airtel to MTN, Airtel to Etisalat, Airtel to Glo


Cool isn’t it?  😉

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