How to Pay for DroidVPN in Nigeria

DroidVPN is an android application that conceals your identity over the internet. However some Nigerians have found a way of browsing with some network providers at a far cheaper price and some even for free.

Simply downloading the DroidVPN application in Nigeria is not a guaranteed access to unlimited internet connection. The application can be downloaded from play store but it is capped (limited) to just 100megabytes (100MB) of bandwidth a day and so, in order to get more bandwidth to fully enjoy your internet connection with DroidVPN you may need to pay for the unlimited bandwidth plan which is far more cheaper than subscribing for normal data plans in Nigeria.

DroidVPN is not a Nigerian application, but paying for the unlimited DroidVPN bandwidth plan in Nigeria is very possible which will be explained in this post.

There are 3 ways of Paying for DroidVPN in Nigeria:

  1. You can pay via PayPal
  2. You can pay via Google Play
  3. You can Pay via PerfectMoney

Of all the 3 ways, the easiest is via PayPal and this will be explained.

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1. When you open your DroidVPN application, click on the menu button at the top right corner of the application.

Droid Vpn Paypal

2. Next, click on Upgrade in the drop down menu that appears.

3. Select upgrade via PayPal

4. A PayPal payment page would be opened and you can make payment.

5. A popup message will appear if your payment was successful.

Find details on how to open a PayPal account HERE



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