How to Get Nigerian Followers on Twitter


Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with a chosen audience.

Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to express yourself with a message containing one hundred and forty characters at a time.

If you have a Nigerian based business, getting targeted audience is vital.

Below are tips on how to get Nigerian followers on Twitter:

Become An Active User

If you want to have more twitter followers, then the first step is to become an active user on Twitter. You need to define your audience and tweet about what interests them. In this case you should look out for Twitter profiles with large Nigerian audience such as profiles of popular celebrities, Company profiles such as those of mobile networks and newspaper Twitter handles.

Look out also for Nigerian profiles with a high but balanced number of followers as well as high numbers of followed.

As you participate, your Nigerian followers will increase steadily. Make sure you tweet responsibly and tweet about fun stuff too.

Always remember to ask for retweets and also ask people to follow you back once you follow them.

Promoting Your Twitter Account

This is another method you can adopt for getting more Nigerian followers. You can promote your account via adverts or listing your twitter account in twitter directories.

Always try to focus on directories related to your target audience in this case, Nigerians.

For example you can join the Twiends directory and look out for Nigerian Twitter profiles in the directory.

Follow for Follow Services

You can get more Nigerian followers by engaging in follow for follow services.

This involves sites like or

The logic here is to acquire more points as you increase your interaction on Twitter.  You can also give out points for people who follow you and this will encourage more followers.

Remember to be creative as the possibility is enormous.


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