10 Best Computer Companies in Nigeria

Almost everyone has a computer these days but many don’t exactly know much about the organizations working meticulously behind the scenes to ensure that these computers and the necessary tools are optimally produced.

We’ve evaluated many of the computer companies and service providers in the country and we’ve come up with this shortlist of our top 10 companies based on their excellent track record in the ICT industry.

 10 Best Computer Companies in Nigeria

  1. Allied Computers

Established in 1993, Allied Computers is one of the most reputable information and communications technology (ICT) companies  in not just Nigeria but in parts of West Africa. They have garnered the reputation of being the Multimeter Expert in the area. The company has achieved noticeable feats in several areas, some of which include:

  • First HP Partner to sell and deploy HP Superdome in Nigeria
  • First HP Partner to sell and deploy HP non-stop server in West Africa
  • First HP Partner to sell and deploy HP XP Storage solution in Nigeria
  • First HP Partner to deploy HP StoreOnce Enterprise Back-up solution in Nigeria

Allied Computers offer a wide range of innovative IT products, services and solution which have been known to meet the unique needs of their many customers.

  1. Computer Information Systems Nigeria

Incorporated in 1982, CIS Nigeria is one of the top computer service support organizations in the country.

The company is a leading multi-product, multi-division and multi-national system integration organization and they currently operate in over 40 countries including Nigeria.

Their services include:

  • Support services
  • IT Infra Management
  • Systems integration
  • Application development
  • Oracle competency services
  • Software solutions competency services and
  • IT Consulting

CIS Nigeria has an extensive network in the IT industry and some of their partners include HP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Genesys, Nexius, Riverbed, Symantec and several others.

  1. Computer Warehouse Group

Popularly called CWG, Computer Warehouse Group began operations in the country in 1992.

Their service caters specifically for hardware projects. However, they have evolved over the years to also become a provider of software solutions.

They have offices in many parts of Africa, some of which include countries like Uganda and Ghana.

The company has received several accolades in recent times and one of which was being recognized as a Global Growth Company by the World Economic Forum.

Also, CWG has a market capitalization of over N14 billion which makes the highest capitalized company in the ICT sector in the country.

  1. Zinox

Founded by Leo Stan Ekeh, a Nigerian businessman, Zinox began its sojourn in the ICT industry in 2001 as one of the foremost indigenous ICT firms.

Their focus is on computer hardware manufacturing, distribution and ICT solutions. Also, they provide quality products and services which have been certified by reputable organizations such as Microsoft, Intel, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Nigeria Computer Society and the Information Technology Association of Nigeria.

Additionally, Zinox is an internationally recognized ICT firm and they are the only Nigerian ICT company that is often included by the International Data Corporation in their quarterly surveys.

The company offers unique solutions in the ICT space, some of which include: network operations center, data centre, unified communications, e-library, advanced bio-metrics, e-library and system integrator.

  1. Omatek

Reputed as the first computer company to locally assemble computer cases, keyboards, speakers and mouse, Omatek is certainly one of the best ICT firms in the country.

Their products include:

  • CRT monitors
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Wireless router
  • Smartbook
  • Tablet PC
  • Corn led lights
  • Solar panels and
  • Speakers
  1. Leo Computer Nigeria Limited

Leo Nigeria is a computer supplies and service company that is well known for their quality products and services.

Some of their products include: HP Printers, Laptop computers, desktop computers, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, servers, networking, UPS, projectors, scanners and data cartridges

If you’re interested in any of their product, you can easily make a request by using the quote form on their website.

Leo Computers sell world class brands of computer software and hardware and some of their partners include: HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, Canon and Mercury.

  1. Beta Computers

Located in Surulere, Lagos, Beta Computers is a leading provider of information technology solutions.

They are very active in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • POS and accounting
  • Networks – WLAN, LAN, WAN, IP and INTERNET
  • Access control
  • IP surveillance
  • E-learning
  • Servers and Desktop virtualization
  • Infrastructure and system integration

Also, Beta computers partners with many world class brands such as IBM, HP, DELL, CISCO, INTEL, Microsoft and Sage.

Additionally, they are accredited by the Federal Government of Nigeria as the original equipment manufacturers of Speedstar range of personal computers.

  1. Budelak Technologies Nigeria Ltd

Located in Surulere, Lagos, Budelak Technologies is one of the major computer companies in the country. The company began operation in 1993 and has since grown to become one of the foremost ICT firms in Nigeria. They provide services such as management information systems, software development, system integration, training, project development, disaster recovery, data, web and cloud hosting.

The company is managed by Akinmboni Olubunmi, a seasoned system analyst with over 27 years experience in the industry..

Budelak Technologies is currently in collaboration with Benie Consulting Limited, a UK based consulting firm with the goal of providing the best practices to their many clients.

  1. Ensure Services

Formerly called Redington Support Service, Ensure Services is a computer company of international repute.

The company was established in 1997 and has grown from its humble beginnings in Dubai to become a major ICT firm in at least 28 countries of the world. They have about 50 centres and they are currently in partnership with more than 22 technology brands.

  1. Inlaks Computer

Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Inlaks Computer is a reputable provider of ICT and infrastructure solutions.

They are specialist in providing dynamic and highly scalable ICT/infrastructure solutions. Their sphere of influence includes financial, telecoms, utilities, distribution, industrial and the oil and gas sectors of the economy.

Founded in 1982, Inlaks Computer has remained one of the major ICT brands in the country particularly in the last 35 years of its existence.

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