How to Reset GOTV after Payment

How to Reset GOTV after Payment

The information here will guide you on how to get your GOTV activated once you have made payment. The activation should occur automatically after you have made payment, but there are times some forms of manual reset may be required if the automatic one does not take place.


It is now possible to make payment for your GOTV subscription via GTBank. This is a new introduction by GOTV, which was never part of the payment or activation methods before.

There are three ways to activate your GOTV manually. You can do it via text message, you get it activated online and you can do it using your phone.

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Text message activation process

  • Send ‘reset Your GOTV account number to this number, 4688 and that is all

Online activation

  • Visit Eazy GOTV via your internet-enabled mobile device
  • Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname
  • Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error”
  • Clear the E16 error
  • Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

Phone activation

  • Dial *423# on any network
  • A prompt request will come up. It reads “Assistance from Customer Care”
  • You can then speak with the customer service representative
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The activation should occur after any of the above process. If your subscription does not get activated, you can visit GOTV’s official twitter or Facebook page and ask them to reset the decoder for you. Your GOTV account number must be made available when making this request.

If none of the above methods work, you can call their customer care numbers to get the decoder activated.  The customer care number is 08039044688.

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  1. Franca onwuka

    Pls i recharge my gotv on 23 Feb. 2017 my iuc number is 4601818830 but it was not showing any channel till after 2 weeks of subscription even before it started showing the gotv office in kaduna ask me to come with the decoder and they work on it and having use the decoder for 2 weeks you people are telling me that my subscription has expire it fair? Whereas i am a victim of ur February system upgrading pls assist me and clear this error code on my screen else i change my mind towards ur network i beg

  2. Sharon

    I subscribed to gotv lite since last week Thursday ,my account have been debited yet no single channel showing. I have called the customer care endlessly,tried all the options available on line all to no avail. I don’t know why you have to keep calling us to subscribe when you know you are inefficient.This is my Iuc no 2022093097.

  3. Funmi praise anyanwu

    I just paid on my mobile banking for gotv 1200 and is not showing Iuc2019311095

  4. Hamzat osenat

    Pls I made payment on my Gotv yet still showing e16 error pls hlp iuc no 4613457194

  5. Dayo Adesanya

    I’ve subscribe my Gotv since 20 of gen 2017, done reset yet no channels is opening.

    IUC no: 4613381537

  6. Ojedele comfort olusola

    I made payment since last week, but I have not been able to make use of it, it is d same error code e16 my Iuc num is 4622849694 pls here me reset it.

  7. Ojedele comfort olusola

    I made payment since last week but its still showing E16 error code since last week, please abeg clear d error is my Iuc number 4622849694.i made payment for 1800 through a gotv agent close to me.

  8. Mrs B

    I made payment on 09 of match in d morning up till now is showing E16 error code my account number is 4601611674 the a. Amount paid is 1800 naira


    I made payment today 5/3/2017, through my skybank App and the money was deducted from my account, and no services found pls kindly assist me out of the mess, this is my iuc number 4613837261

  10. azeez j.o

    av subscribed since 4th of March but not yet showing true my keystone bank acct,pls assist me.I U C number 2005138648 tanks

  11. Demond

    Please help Clear the Error message on my decoder I paid since 10:00am this morning but still the error is showing E16 I Sent RESET 4601578826 and no luck I even try clearing the E16 Via Online but to no avail

  12. onuoha benneth

    I paid since 15th and Uptil now is telling me my subscription has nt been came up yesterday night bt dis morning it went back to writing the same really unfair nt to enjoy wat u pay for.I have called ur customer care more than 4times bt they are nt helping atall. IUC number 2018596713.benneth from port-harcourt

  13. Yemzie

    I made a 1800 payment for my gotv and it is still showing error code or upgrade gotv bouquet. I tried resetting it online and through sms. Can Some one help me out

  14. Abaniwonda Adeleke

    Kindly help me to activate my Gotv plus with IUC no 2009565986. I hv subscribed for some hours now but not working yet

  15. Alimi Mistura

    I made payment of #1,800 on 19th of February 2017 but it’s still showing error16 despite the fact that i have done everything neccesary. So, kindly help. My IUC number is 2020786836.
    Thank you.

  16. Anuku favour

    I recharged my gotv today up till now is not working Iuc 2022257872

  17. Eddie

    I bought gotv yesterday and it wasn’t showing the channel when I got home… it was showing this….. E017-0: the decoder is not enabled for this channel please contact the Gotv call centre for assistance… please what should I do

  18. Olanite

    I have made payment since 7th Feb 2017 but, have no access or activation till now!!!!! Please , do something now.IUC:2020865323.

  19. Afolabi Anthony

    I subscribed four days ago up till now it’s not showing old kindly help my iuc number is 2016054021

  20. ifeadikachukw

    I just bought a gotv decoder of #7900 and it has not been activa

  21. christian ugwuegbulem

    Please i made payment of #1800 on 31st january 2017 but until now is showing e-16 error payment expired. My iuc is 4613443735
    Kindly assist

  22. Omojola Olusola Ayokunle

    I made payment since on the 26 of January 2017 up till now its not working, all it shows it E16.Please kindly help, my IUC 2021850204. Thanks

  23. Omojola Olusola Ayokunle

    I subscribed since on the 26 of January 2017 up till now is not working,all it shows is E16, my iuc 2021850204. kindly help me out, its furstrating.Thanks

  24. Oluwasheyi

    Pls I have subscribe my gotv since yesterday night, and up till now he haven’t show, Pls help me solve the problem,,,, my iuc no 2021790770

  25. joel

    I subscribed and it’s not working yet. I’ll appreciate if you help
    Please my iuc number is 2004409131


  26. Ajileye J.

    I have paid a month subscription for Gotv(1200) and was debited in my uba account. Its now four days, I can’t access any channels. Calls to customer care do not connect endlessly. I am sick and tired of this Gotv. Its so frustrating. Vendors beside first bank ojok, ibadan claim they can’t help. What will I do pls. My IUC no is 2018894686.
    From Ibadan.

    1. Ajileye J.

      My payment was done on the 19th Jan, 2017. Via U-mobile…uba acct. Today is 23rd Jan, 2017. Yet I can’t access. any channels.
      IUC is 2018894686. I have sent Reset ‘my IUC’ to 4688, I have visited gotv eazy self service to input details and captcha all has failed countless times. Pls help resolve this because its so annoying. Thanks.

      1. Ajileye J.

        Equally I have called customer care line. It either didn’t connect or when it connected once the computer was doing adverts for close to an hour without any response from customer care unit. Its so disappointing. My IUC is 2018894686. Pls do something pls

  27. Irefin Joshua Rotimi

    I subscribed for my gotv (gotv plus) yesterday 19th January, 2017. uptill this moment it has not been activated and the sum of #1,900 has been deducted already from my account (GTB internet banking) Quick Teller. my IUC number is 4613736258. Kindly assist. Regards.

  28. Okey

    I paid for my gotv since morning through my diamond mobile app and uptill now, its still showing me scrambled channels, pls help me out, my iuche no is 4622621315

  29. peter

    I subscribed my gotv last night ND I have bin debited for the transaction but its not working. IUC 4613221746


    I made payement for my Gotv 1200 naira today around 6 PM please assist me to reset my best tv.Here is my IUC Number 4601485395.Thank you in advance for kindness

  31. Adebayo Ogunbade olagoke

    Have pay since 4pm and is not showing this is my ius 4601893052.pls help me out

  32. Michael

    Hello gudafternoon my name is michael I have made payment of #1800 naira but my gotv has not been activated my iuc no is 2009553449

  33. michael

    hello gudafternoon this mr michael i paid #1800 for my gotv subscription but till now my gotv has not been activated my iuc no is 2009553449 thank you

  34. Ogbozor kenechukwu

    I payed for my gotv since 9am through Mobile app but nothing is iuc number is 4601830928.

  35. Akinjide ER

    I have paid since two days ago for 2month subscription from my first bank account in which I received the receipt of the payment from 20220.My IUC number is:2019361881.All effort to access the channels prove abortive, please bail me out

  36. eneh nkiru

    I subscribed using first bank first mobile, I only received REF number,up till now my Gotv have not be activated.please an answer is needed.

  37. Alausa

    made payment on nov 28 2016 and some channels are not showing plz help me to rectify it my icu num x 4613746969

  38. udeh imelda

    I made online payment of 1800 around 5:30pm today but still not showing am not happy with the services. my iuc number 2022175422 please rectify this problem. Thanks

  39. owoyemi Matthew

    I have made a payment of 1200 on 17th of Octobe d activation was working but as at yesterday is not working. My iuc no,2022210733 what happen?

  40. emomotimi newman

    i made payment of 600 yesterday 17 of October the channel came up and this morning non of the channel is on pls help me. my iuc is 2028708876

  41. franca

    Hello I made payment of 1800 yesterday 27 September till now my decoder is still not activated ,honestly am not
    happy with your services.

  42. ademoye

    av subscribe but only few channels are displaying..pls help reset especially events and iuc no is 4613795323

  43. ademoye

    av subscribe but only few channels are there pls help us to reset (expecially events and kunfu).

  44. funmi

    I have paid since last night I have not seen any channel pls help.
    My iuc no is 4613272282

  45. Gideon

    I relocated from minna to Nnewi with my gotv and installed it and I subscribed on 10 of sept but since then I can’t get access to it,its been telling me after scanning no channel found E32-42 error that I should press OK for signal information I did so but the quality and strength is 0% what do I do my IUC number is 2022154352

  46. Philip Friday

    Please my gotv is just displaying only two free stations and am on subscription. I don’t know what to do. My IUC num is 4613029359

  47. John

    I made payment on the 10th .my gotv is nt Iuc num is 2020732351


    I made payment since 8 September and up till now my account has not been activated and i have been trying all available means to connect but no avail.pls govt kindly connect my me iuc number is 2019345262

  49. Taofeek

    have pay since yesterday night I cannot watching anything why.

  50. Edet, Nkereuwem

    I have made payment and cannot clear the error code. All the options I have applied but still the error is still not cleared, please what should I do next cos my children are disturbing me

    1. If it takes longer than 24hours and the reset code does not restore viewing then do contact gotv.

      1. Mrs B

        I made payment since 09/3/17
        Till now is showing E16 error code my iuc number is 4601611674. Kindly reset it.
        Amount paid is 1800 through FCMB tranafer

  51. Davido kaburuk

    How do I clear E16 or E32 after I had made payment . My iuc number is 4613424951.Davido.kaburuk. From jos

    1. AJEGBA

      Made payment for 1800 on the 10 01 2017 and its not showing, please kindly assist. Here is my iuc number…2018864993

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