Swift Nigeria Internet Data Plans and Prices


Swift Nigeria has endeared itself to businesses, families and individuals as a provider of high-speed broadband internet in Nigeria via its 4G LTE and the automatic WiFi Hotspot that comes with its modem and multiple-user communication hub.

Swift Nigeria Internet Data Plans and Prices

Swift plans are categorized by individual, residential and business.  Varieties are also available in the WMAX options which subscribers can explore.  Here are the plans and the hardware.

Individual Plans

  • SWIFT Budget (N500): Ideal for light users who require 24×7 access.  Datacap: 300M. It has 7 days validity
  • SWIFT Budget plus (N2000):Ideal for occasional users with need for more capacity and 24×7 access. Datacap: 1G. Validity period is 30 days.
  • SWIFT Economy (N4000): it is a 24×7 unlimited data plan. datacap is 3G. validity period is 1 month.
  • SWIFT Night (N3,500): Ideal for users with need for heavy off-peak downloads. Available from 6PM – 8AM, Daily.  Datacap: 7G

Residential Plans

  • SWIFT Family (N6,000): Ideal for heavy off-peak use.  Available from 6PM – 8AM, Monday – Friday; 24 hours on weekends & public holidays.  Datacap: 20G.
  • SWIFT Family plus (N8,000): Also ideal for heavy off-peak users. Available from 5PM – 9AM, Monday – Friday; 24 hours on weekends & public holidays.  Datacap: 34G.
  • SWIFT Club (N10,000): It is available for 24×7 and it is an unlimited plan. It has 1 month validity. It gives access to 30 minutes of international call. It is ideal for professionals and SMEs. Data Cap is 20G.
  • SWIFT Essential (N7,000): Professionals & homes that require 24×7.  Datacap: 14G.

Business Plans

  • SWIFT Business (N12,000): Ideal for SMEs that require generous broadband access & download during business hours only. Available from 7AM – 7PM, Daily.  Datacap: 24GB.
  • SWIFT Premium (N15,000): Ideal for Professionals and businesses that are heavy data users in need of 24×7 access.  Datacap: 30G.
  • SWIFT Elite (N20,000): OFFICE 24X7.   Home: 5PM – 10AM Monday – Friday plus 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.  Datacap: 46G.
  • SWIFT Elite Plus: (N25,000) It is ideal for both home and office use. It is available for 24×7.  It is an unlimited data plan with 60G data cap. Its validity period is 1 month. It gives access to 200 minutes of international call with free national call.

WMAX Residential Plans

  • SWIFT Liberty – N500
  • SWIFT Liberty Plus – N2,000
  • SWIFT Weekend – N3,000
  • SWIFT Lite – N3,000
  • SWIFT Basic Mini – N4,000
  • SWIFT Home – N6,000
  • SWIFT Basic – N7,000
  • SWIFT Homeplus – N8,000
  • SWIFT Basic New – N10,000

WMAX Business Plans

  • SWIFT Basic – N7,000 –
  • SWIFT Basic New
  • SWIFT Office – N12,000
  • SWIFT Professional New – N15,000
  • SWIFT Business and Family – N20,000
  • SWIFT Value New – N25,000
  • SWIFT Premium (Capped) – 50GB – N50,000

WMAX Escravos Plans

  • SWIFT Hotspot Liberty – N500
  • SWIFT Hotspot Daily – N1,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Liberty Plus – N3,500
  • SWIFT Hotspot Basic Mini – N4,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Weekly – N5,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Basic – N7,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot 14 Days – N10,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Monthly – N15,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Professional – N15,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Premium – N25,000

SWIFT Hardware – 4LTGE Hubs

To connect to the Swift network, subscribers need to acquire either the Swift modem called Nomad or the Multi-user Communication Hub.  Both have Wi-Fi hotspot capability.  Features and prices of the two hubs are as follows.

  • The Nomad (N6,500): This is a portable modem for use indoor, outdoor and while on the move.  It is plug and play and can connect up to the WiFi enabled devices at a time.  It comes with a rechargeable battery that can provide up to eight hours of service without power supply from the mains.
  • Multiple User Communication Hub (N9,500): This can connect to an unlimited number of Wi-Fi enabled devices. It is also plug and play and comes with a rechargeable battery that can serve for up to 3 hours without power from the mains.


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