South African Visa Application in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide


South Africa is a beautiful country with lots of tourist attractions and a very great place to spend summer or even Christmas. South Africa receives a fair share of tourists yearly from all over the world, showing just how much of a tourist attraction the country can be.

However, unlike some other African Countries, South Africa is not visa free or visa on arrival for Nigerians except you are a diplomatic passport holder. Before you go on to book a flight to South Africa, you must have been given a visa to enter South Africa by the South African embassy in Nigeria.

This short but extensive guide would show you the exact steps you need to take in order to apply for a visa to South Africa from Nigeria.

Types of Visas and Documents Required


Transit Visa

If you are travelling to a neighboring country, and only need to make a stopover in South Africa, then what you need is a transit Visa. To apply for a South African Transit Visa , you need the following:

  • A valid visa of the neighboring country which is your main destination.
  • A valid passport (which would be valid for 30 days after South Africa).
  • A copy of your current passport’s data pages well as copies of previously issued and existing visas.
  • Two (2) passport sized photographs.
  • A B1-84 application form duly completed in black ink.
  • A personal introduction letter(introducing yourself, what you do, your address, phone number and your reason for visiting South Africa)
  • An employer’s introduction letter with contact details.
  • Hotel reservations(must be verifiable)
  • A copy of your yellow fever vaccination certificate signed by a medical practitioner.
  • Proof of financial strength ( This could either be bank statement from your employer.
  • Flight booking evidence.
  • Non-refundable visa fee and service fee of N8,600 and N9,00 respectively.

Medical Visa

You can also apply for a visa to seek medical treatment in South Africa. For a medical visa, you would need all the documents listed  (1-12) above and the following additional documents:

  • A letter of reference from the doctor handling your case in Nigeria.
  • A letter of appointment with a South African Hospital including the address and telephone numbers(land line of the hospital)

Business Visa

You can also apply for visas to conduct business activities in South Africa. The documents needed for that would include all the documents listed under the transit visas section above, as well as:

  • An invitation letter from a South African based Company.


You can apply for visas to visit your friends and family in South Africa, or to just go sightseeing. Documents you need for this are as stated under transit visas above.

As soon as you have all your documents ready, you are ready to start your application process. You can submit your application at the VFSA global offices at The South African Visa Application Centre, Lagos located at 3rd floor, 16 Billings Way, Oregun Industrial Area, Ikeja Lagos or at the South African High Commission, Plot 371, Diplomatic Zone, Central Business, District, Abuja Nigeria.

The time for application submission is between 11am to 3pm from Monday to Friday. You can also call the Lagos office on 01-46122067 or the Abuja office on +234-9-462-4200-1.

On the day of your submission, make sure you get there early because the embassy only takes 200 applications daily. You are expected to submit your application personally, and after submission, you can track your visas online.

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