Reverse Phone Lookup Nigeria

Have you ever seen a number on your phone without knowing who owns it? Do not worry; all you need to do is use reverse lookup to know who owns the number.  This will give you identity of the person that owns that number.

Some lookup software are so detailed that they will give you the exact location of the person. They will show the name and address clearly for you to see.


In most instances, it is completely free to use this software. There are however some websites that ask you to pay some token in order to use their reverse phone lookup system. It is still very cheap on such sites if you are searching for owner of landline. Things are more expensive with mobile numbers.

Some websites make this possible in Nigeria, but truth remains that such is not so reliable in Nigeria.  You may never get the exact location of the person or the name of such a person.  Some of such sites where you can carry out reverse lookup will give you the person’s local time  and time zone, but they rarely give other information more than that.

In Nigeria, reverse lookup ca however be used to know the location of a landline. While this may not give you the exact location, it will give you the town or area.  This is the best way to know what the local code or zip code of any landline is.

So, has anyone been calling you with landline and you do not know who it is? It is high time you used any of the reverse lookup sites to find this out.

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