MTN Customer Care Whatsapp Numbers

Now you do not need to wait endlessly on the phone waiting for an MTN Customer care Rep to pick up and attend to your issues.

MTN’s Customer Care can now be reached easily via WhatsApp Messenger on any mobile platform. The beauty about this is that you can send them a message and carry on doing other things you need to do until they reply or respond.
Another plus to this is the fact that you can type every detail of your issue on the WhatsApp Messenger platform and they begin to sort it out if you provided all the necessary details they require without you needing to wait for a response before typing the actual issue.

MTN Whatsapp
To contact MTN’s WhatsApp you can simply add any or all of the numbers below to your contact.

Mtn Whatsapp Customer Care Numbers:


Remember you can also contact MTN Customer Care on twitter via the MTN Twitter Handle @MTN180

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