How To Transfer Your Contacts From Blackberry To Android


If you are one of those users of blackberry phones older than the recent blackberry phones using the blackberry 10 software it can be a pain in the neck transferring your contacts to your new android device. Some network providers offer backup services but it is limited to just sim contacts and sim contacts are limited to just 200.

So what happens to the other contacts on your phone?

After spending days trying different ways to transfer my contacts I finally figured a way. There are apps in blackberry world (Apps store) that can help back up you contacts. One which has been tried and tested is “Intouch App”. All you have to do is download the app on both phones it would back up your blackberry contacts to their server and when you sign in to the app on your android phone you will see all your contacts.

But what if you do not want your contacts on any third party app?

You can do a manual transfer by downloading an app called “Contacts To Excel” in blackberry world. Open the app, transfer your contacts to an excel sheet and save in your phone. Copy the excel file from your blackberry phone and open it on your computer.

Sort out the excel sheet as explained in this link or as shown below and save the excel file as a csv format.

How To Transfer Your Contacts From Blackberry To Android

Import the excel file to your contact in your Gmail account as shown below.

How To Transfer Your Contacts From Blackberry To Android

Immediately it has been uploaded go to your contacts on your android phone and create your account using the same email you backed up your contacts. Immediately your account is created the backed up contacts will be synced into your android phone.

Once done you don’t have to worry about updating your Gmail contacts manually as every contact you add to your android phone would be backed up automatically.


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