How to Send “Please Call Me Back” On MTN


How to Send “Please Call Me Back” On MTN

If the truth must be told, MTN is the leading mobile operator in Nigeria. They have been around since 2002 and have waxed stronger over the past 14 years, providing Nigeria and their African-wide customers some of the best and some of the most innovative network services.


One of the innovations brought to the table by MTN was the “Call Me Back” messaging. A host of other networks now make such messaging possible on their network, but MTN was the pioneering telecommunication company to start the process.

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If you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to get across to someone without having airtime on your phone, you can always send “Call Me Back” message to the person and the later will call you back. Provided the network is good, the message is sent instantly and it is also sent free of charges.

The beauty of it is that the message can be sent on any MTN plan you may be on. There is no restriction of any kind so long as you are sending from an MTN line to another MTN line.

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So, how can I send the “Call Me Back” message? Continue reading to get more details

To send the “Call Me Back” message on an MTN line:

Dial *131*1* recipient number# to send “Please Call Me, I Love You”
Dial *131*2*recipient number# to send “Please Send Me Credit”
Dial *131*3*recipient number# to send “Please Call Me, I Have a Gist or You”
Dial *131*4*recipient number# to send “Please Call Me, I Need Your Assistance”


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