How to Send “Please Call Me Back” on Glo


How to Send “Please Call Me Back” on Glo

Globacom is a leading communication network in Nigeria. The company is actually the very first indigenous mobile communication company. They stand tall among their peers in the Nigerian Telecommunications industry.


The company was founded in 2003 and it has risen since then till now. It was the company that forced down the price of SIM pack, which was sold for as high as N12,000 in 2002.

Their entrance into the Nigerian telecommunications industry brought competition, which enforced some level of balance and improved customer service in the industry.

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Globacom has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. It is owned by Mike Adenuga. The company offers telecommunication services and mobile network services, among other great services.

As at 2013, the company has a revenue of $ 1.178 billion. The company has up to 3,000 persons in its employment. Slogan of the company is “Unlimited”.

The company is 100% owned by a Nigerian. As at April 2016, Globacom has up to 34 million registered users. Among this number, 26 million are internet subscribers. One of the things that set Globacom apart is its fiber-optic cable that was built from United Kingdom to Nigeria.

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Name of the cable is Glo-1 and it cost the company a whooping sum of $800 million. The cable serves telecommunication companies in Nigeria and the west African subregion. It equally improves on internet services in Nigeria.

How to Send “Please Call Me Back” on Glo

In order to send “Please Call Me Back” message on Glo, dial *125* Recipient Number#. For example if the recipient’s number is 01234567890, just dial *125*01234567890# and then click on the dial tab.



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