How to Send “Please Call Me Back” On Airtel

How to Send “Please Call Me Back” On Airtel

The “Call Me Back” service made available by many of the mobile service operators in Nigeria has proved to be live savers on many occasions.


If you are in a rather tight corner or a place where you just cannot buy air time for your phone, all you need to do is send “Call Me Back” to any of your friends and associates. They can call you back and this avails you the opportunity to pass any message across to them.

All the mobile operators in Nigeria make this service possible, be it MTN, Etisalat or Glo. Even Airtel is not left behind. The “Call Me Back” service was started by MTN several years ago, but it was later copied by the other mobile operators. Now, you do not need to be on MTN to be able to send “Call Me Back”; you can now send it to anyone via any mobile network.

The information below will show you how to send the “Call Me Back” message if you are using Airtel network. You need to understand that the message can only be sent to someone using Airtel network like you.

How to send “Call Me Back” message on Airtel

You only need to dial *140*recipient number# and send. Aside this, you can also send message to someone to credit your phone. To get this done, dial *141*8*recipient number#. You must note that the message is free of charges and you are given 5 free messages per day by Airtel.

After sending 5 “Call Me Back” messages in a day, you must wait till the next day for it to be renewed.


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