How to Pay For DSTV Using ATM in Nigeria


DSTV is undoubtedly the leading satellite TV service provider in Nigeria as of today. They have been in existence since 1995 and they have grown in leaps and bound since then. Today, they have up to 700,000 subscribers in Nigeria and counting.

How to Pay For DSTV Using ATM in Nigeria

There are a number of other satellite TV providers, but none of them is up to DSTV yet in terms of number of channels being offered and the number of subscribers.

There are many ways to pay for DSTV subscription and every customer is free to choose any method he/she finds convenient. Whatever method you use, you will still be able to get it done without hassle.

Many would prefer to use Quickteller, but you need to have internet subscription on your mobile device in order to make Quickteller subscription. However, the Quickteller payment can be done using an Automated Teller Machine without any need for internet on your mobile device.

Some other methods of subscribing for DSTV channels will be highlighted below.

• Debit order
• Internet payment
• Credit card
• Supermarkets
• Direct deposit
• ATM and
• Walk-in centers

Since Nigeria does not use credit card, you can always use your debit card as a substitute; that naira debit card you were given by your bank called ATM card is as useful as a credit card in paying for your DSTV subscription.

The purpose of this write is to teach you how you can make payment for your DSTV subscription using your ATM card. It can be done both on your mobile device and also using the Automated Teller Machine.

Simple steps to follow

• Visit the nearest and functional ATM and insert your card into the machine. Do not forget the necessary security procedures you are supposed to follow while using an ATM, which includes protecting your personal details using your body as shield.
• Enter your secret pin when prompted by the machine and press Ok to continue
• When the next screen comes up, press Quickteller on the machine
• When the next screen shows up, press Pay Bills Option. After this, you should select DSTV option.
• The next screen will display a number of DSTV bouquets for you to select your choice among them. Each of the options has its price written opposite it.
• Look for your preferred option among them and select it.
• After making your selection, you will then be prompted by the machine to provide your DSTV smart card number. Needless to say that you should take the smartcard along with you while going to make the payment or you should write it down somewhere and take the number along with you to the ATM.
• After providing the card number, you will be shown a verification page or payment confirmation. Click on OK after confirming the details.
• Immediately after making payment, DSTV will automatically activate your satellite TV subscription.
• There may be special instances where the activation does not take place. All you need to do in such situation is to text RA and your smartcard number to 30333. The subscription will be activated immediately.



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