How to Know Original LG Tv in Nigeria

Fake products are clones of the original made with substandard materials. The quality, durability and longevity of counterfeit products cannot be compared to that of the original. This is the reason it is particularly painful to find that you have bought a fake product. Those who sell fake products make quick money and rob the sellers or manufacturers of such products. Fake products are usually cheaper than their original.

LG is a well reputable brand known for quality products such as Television, Air conditioners etc, offering a warranty  for air conditioning repair and other products. However, the counterfeit versions of LG products are so rampant in the market. Many have fallen victim of this kind of situation, dropping their hard-earned money only to find out they bought fake products.

The sad thing, however, is that it is hard to tell the difference between fake and original products, but it is not impossible. This article provides you with information and tips on how to differentiate between fake and original LG TV.

How to Know Original LG Tv in Nigeria

How to know original LG TV in Nigeria

First and foremost, look out for the LG logo on the box or packaging of the Television itself. Most fake LG Televisions do not have the LG logo printed on the box or the packaging. This is because it is difficult to replicate the logo without raising brows. On most fake LG Televisions, the logo will be a removable sticker on the Television itself. This is one sure way to know the original LG TV. If the TV box has a clear and undistorted LG logo, and you find the same with the remote control, a clear logo of LG, you can rest assured you are getting a genuine LG manufactured product.

  • Observe the remote control unit of the Television

Since 2013, you will find the LG logo printed at the bottom front of all LG remote controls. Most counterfeit LG TVs do not have branded remote controls or just some other random universal remote control. Also, the remote controllers of genuine LG TV’s cannot operate fake ones and vice versa.

  • Observe the quality of the print

If you look closely at the carton in which the Television is packed and that on the remote control, you will see that the LG written on the package has a different shade or colour from other writings on the carton. This is because the Logo was either painted or printed on it as an after job.

  • Observe the boot loader screen

When you put on an LG TV, if you notice that the start-up screen or the user interface design is different from what you are familiar with, please note that the Television set is not an original LG TV. Look out for the original LG design to be found on the start-up screen.

  • Observe the model and serial number

The LG TV will have an LG model number and serial number on the back cover. The model and serial number should be seen on a label which has been printed by LG. After this, go to the menus and then settings menu where you will find a device information screen which also has the serial number of the TV. If the serial number printed on the back cover and that on the menus do not match, then you should be suspicious of such a television.

  • The manufacturer of the LG TV

If you want to buy an LG TV and you see that it is printed that the product is made in China, then it is a fake product. Original LG Televisions are made in Korea.

  • Fake LG TV’s are much lighter in weight that the original LG TVs
  • Too many features

You should be very suspicious when television has too many features and is offered at a low and cheap price. This is because the original manufacturers of this product will not offer you so many features at a less price. So, whenever you see an LG TV with so many extra features which do not tally with the price, it just might be the fake LG TV.

  • Check the serial number online
  • There must be a warranty card with loads of details on how to claim your warranty

This warranty card shows that you are buying the original product and legally too. It also proves that the seller has imported the TV by paying customs duty.

  • Most colourful and flashy boxes are indicative of a fake TV

When a TV has a colourful and flashy package, you should be suspicious of it. This is because all genuine products come in carton boxes with the exact product information and serial number.

  • Make sure you look out for the consumer manual & other documents

Fake televisions will not have a manual and even when they do, the manuals will not be comprehensive.

Some people have noted that the diagonal length from the bottom of a fake LG TV is 43 instead of the typical 49 of an original LG TV. You will notice this when you use a measuring tape to measure it.

Finally, try and register the product via its serial number on the official website of LG. This is the best way to verify the product, once it is accepted on the website, then it is original. If it is rejected, this means it is a fake LG product.

Other measures to take in order to buy original LG TV

If you are shopping for an LG TV online, ensure you patronise the original device from the manufacturers themselves or distributors authorized by them.

You can also buy from well known and reputable online stores such as Amazon and eBay. If you receive a product you believe is fake from these websites, these sites will help you resolve the issue or even offer you a refund. It is also very difficult to get a fake product from these websites.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will not fall victim of buying a fake LG Television and you will now be able to know very well an original LG TV in Nigeria


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