How to Get a Qatar Visa in Nigeria

The beautiful city of Qatar is home to tourists with so many activities and side attractions ranging from site seeing, cycling along desert roads, awesome beaches with a relaxing atmosphere.

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of per capita with an economy that is flourished by huge oil and gas exports, so also is it a Muslim dominated country with its primary language being Arabic.

Going to Qatar

When considering a visit to Qatar (for any purpose whatsoever) it is important to weigh your ability to speak Arabic because most people you’ll be meeting in Qatar might not be able to speak other international languages. Though there is the option of a translator which can be available for hire in Qatar via various agencies over there.

Many Nigerians have become victims of Fraud by travel agents and officials because of their quest to get people who will help them get a Qatar visa in Nigeria in a cheap way. Some Nigerians have been denied Qatar Visa because they don’t have fundamental information as the necessary steps to take to secure a Qatar Visa.

It is important you know the current Qatar visa requirements before making effort to apply for one.

Types of Qatar visa

Before getting into the steps in getting a Qatar visa, it is very important to know the kinds of Qatar visa available for processing. Qatar offers different kinds of visas to other foreign nationals coming into their country. These Qatar visas include:

  1. Qatar Tourist Visa: As the name implies, this is the kind of visa usually issued to people travelling to Qatar for tourism, vacation and other kind of pleasure trips. This visa can also be issued to individuals who wish to stay in Qatar for period of 72 hours or less. (For example, an individual travelling to another country through Qatar in a ship.)
  2. Qatar Business Visa: This is a type of visa issued to foreigners to either work with business representatives or participate in activities relating to business.
  3. Qatar Working Visa: Individuals intending to trave to Qatar to work are usually issued this kind of Visa. To work in Qatar, you will need a Qatar working visa with work permits.
  4. Qatar Student Visa: This is a non-permanent visa issued to individuals who wish to study in Qatar. It remains valid for as long as the applicant’s duration in school or academic activity stretches.

The following documents are required for processing your Qatar Visa along with your application:

  • A valid international passport, with a validity not less than six months from the applicants intended stay at Qatar. The passport should also have pages available for placement of Visa.
  • Two 2″ x 2″ colored passport sized photographs.
  • Photocopies of the information page of your international passport.
  • An invitation letter in case of tourist Visa or a Company letter in case of Business Visa must accompany the Visa application, with a detailed explanation on the purpose of your visit.
  • Statement of account (not applicable in some cases)
  • Personal Letter to the Qatar Embassy detailing reasons for travelling to Qatar

The Visa processing takes up to 12 business days for a tourist Visa and up to a month for a working Visa.

Usually, to apply for Qatar visit from Nigeria you can start processing by downloading the application form online via , but due to recent developments VisaHQ does not provide full service for tourist visas to Qatar. All applicants must apply in person at the nearest Embassy of Qatar

Details of the Embassy of Qatar are provided below:

Qatar Embassy

Suite 412, Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, Nigeria.

+234-909-426-4010 or

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