How To Build a Cheap Home Made Car Tracker

Auto theft is no doubt the booming business for many criminals. Locking your car doesn’t prevent it from being stolen. Apart from taking all the necessary precautions with protecting your car, getting it back after  it has been stolen is also very important. However, for many people who have spent a lot to get a car, paying for car tracking services could be another punishment.

Statistics published in the past that shows that Toyota and Honda are the most stolen cars in Nigeria. View stats here

According to vanguard, Toyota and Honda brands of cars remain the favorites of armed robbers in Lagos and its environs.

Two Japanese automobile brands, Toyota and Honda, again top the chart among favorite cars which were armed robbers’ delight for the year 2012.

Occupying a distant third place was another Japanese brand, Nissan.

The data obtained from the Lagos State Police Command showed that 1,184 stolen cars were recovered from thieves in Lagos and its environs. Toyota was top on the list with 359 different brands, Honda followed with 143, while Nissan brands were 60.

Many people have often wished they had some sort of car tracker on there cars before it was stone. I would show you how to build a home made car tracker that would track any car any time is stolen.

So here is the simple way to build your own home made car tracker.

Step 1: Buy a small phone of about $5. Most of the china mobile phones cost just about that price. It doesn’t have to be internet enabled.

Step 2: charge the battery of the phone to full

Step 3: Put the phone on ‘silent’ mode. So that it wouldn’t ring out if it is dialed.

Step 4: Buy a Sim card, get it enabled to make and receive calls.

Step 5: Insert the sim card into the phone like you would any normal phone, then hide the phone somewhere in the car. Maybe under the foot mat or under the speakers at the back of the car.

Make sure the phone is on and charged, connect the phone to a permanent source of car charger where it would not be seen or recharge the phone every one or two weeks depending on the battery life of the phone.

If your car is stolen, just walk into any police station, and get them to track where the phone is.  Its quite simple, easy and cheap.

Another way to do this is to have an android phone that has an anti theft tracker installed in it. An android phone can cost as low as $50 (N6000). When you buy the phone, connect the phone to the internet and download any anti theft software from the Google app store.

When the phone is stolen, with another phone, you can see exactly where the car is through Google map.


Credit: Braintem

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