How Much is Golf 3 in Nigeria?


There are so many engine options and body types of golf 3 available today. In fact, the options are limitless and anyone interested in buying this car will have to put all these into consideration. This is why it may be better to work with an experienced dealer or with an agent that knows how to select the right vehicle for the right purpose.

How Much is Golf 3 in Nigeria?

With the number of engine and body options available, it is difficult to give a direct or specific answer to that question but it within the range of N650,000 to N900,000.

The best thing to do is to consider the particular requirements the individual wants in the car and then check the particular price that meets those particular requirements. There are also different sellers around the place and each of them has its own rate that is being imposed on these cars.

Engines of Golf 3 have ranges and this is very important consideration when seeking to buy. The engines do range from the 1.4 and 4 cylinders to the range-topping 2.9 VR6 Syncro. The ranges of the engines determine its performance and each of these engine ranges has its specific price.

There are also auto and manual options and you need to decide which one you prefer. They also range from 1.6 litre engines up to the VR6, though the 2.0 GTI 8 and 16V were manual only.

Also, you want to decide about the number of doors you prefer in the Golf 3 before you buy. There are those with 3 doors and there are others with 5 doors, mixed with the different engine/transmission options.


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