How Much Is A Nigerian International Passport?

The Nigerian international passport is required by any Nigerian that wants to travel to some countries of the world. You do not need to bear an international passport to travel to some countries as a Nigeria.


However, it is a must that you have duly signed and stamped Nigerian international passport before you can be allowed entry into come countries.  For example, many Nigerians travel to the Benin Republic without an international passport.

The purpose of this write up is to show you how much it will cost you to obtain a Nigerian international passport.

What does it cost?

The Nigerian international passport is divided into two types; there is the 32-page passport and the 64-page passport. If you are between the ages of 0 to 17 years, you are classified as Minor, and the 32-page passport will cost you only N8,750. If you are between the ages of 18 to 59 years, you are classified as Adult and the 32-page passport will cost you N15,000. If you are from the age of 60 upward, you are classified as Senior and the 32-page Nigerian international passport will cost you N8,750.

On the other hand, the 64-page Nigerian international passport costs the same amount of N20,000 for all classes of Nigerians, be it Minor, Adult or Senior.

How to obtain the card

The process is straightforward, and most of it is done online. You can make payment for the Nigerian international passport using either Post Office Money Order or Credit Card.

  • First of all, visit to carry out electronic registration.
  • Next, select Standard E-Passport on the website if you are a government official, on the other hand, you should select Official E-Passport.
  • Then, select Nigerian as the processing country and then your state or city as the office of application.
  • Afterward, click on Start Application.
  • Complete the application form and print it out. Make sure you print two copies after making payment. Submit it online after that.
  • The Nigerian immigration service will then send a confirmation mail to the email address you provided while registering.
  • Next, select your preferred method of payment and make payment accordingly.
  • If you ever exit the application process at any point, you can always start again from the point where you left off.
  • After making payment, your payment receipt will be shown on the screen. Print this out also.
  • The interview date will be provided on the payment confirmation slip, and you must endeavour to present yourself at the specified location for the interview. The documents you have printed out online must be brought along to the venue of the interview.

Take note that the online application for Nigerian international passport is only valid for six months from the date you make the submission online.  You will be required to register for another one and make another payment after six months elapse without you showing up for the interview.

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A minor is required to bring along letter signed by both parents, birth certificate and parents IDs. An adult is required to provide a birth certificate, and the documents printed out during online registration.

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