Free VPN for PC: Smart Tips to Get Yours

If you need a VPN for your desktop computer and you do not want to buy, this write-up will give you heads up on how to get a VPN for yourself without paying a dime.  You are sure to find the information here very helpful.


The VPN can be downloaded without hidden charges of any form. Its use is equally unlimited; once installed on your desktop, you can continue to use it. The beauty of it is that here is no restriction to its download; you can download the VPN from practically any country of the world.


VirtualShield VPN is among the best you can ever get across the globe. It is free, but the benefits you get from it are innumerable and incomparable.  There is the free version and there is the premium version.

The free version can serve you for as long as you want.  Their server is located in the many countries across Europe. They also have servers in both the USA and the UK.  Their server stretches as far as Russia and Ukraine, although if what you look is to use services as Kodi, then a specialized VPN is the best option for you.

You may not believe it, but there is no restriction to bandwidth on the Virtualshield VPN. The free version has no bandwidth limitation, but there is something you need to know about how it operates: you will be logged out after 3 hours of browsing. All you need to do is to log in again.

You need to understand that the VPN does not work on iPad app, but the premium version does.  The speed obtainable on  VPN is very high.  You can get up to 4Mb/s. This may not be fast enough in some other climes, but it is a real high speed in the Nigerian sense. You can also checkout Interesting review on VirtualShield by visiting the link.

How to avoid restrictions

There are also VPN who provides you restriction in the free version of the CyberGhost VPN which is only available in 14 countries. So, how can you get it downloaded from Nigeria free VPN for PC? This is very simple. All you have to do is to get a proxy server downloaded on your desktop.

The USA proxy servers will help to hide your identity and will make it look like you are browsing from a different country. All you need to do is to set your country to any of the countries where the free version of CyberGhost VPN has no restriction.

You can set it to the USA or the UK. You can also set it to Russia, Ukraine, Germany or France. This way, you will not be faced with any restriction.

There are many proxy servers that you can download on your desktop for this purpose. Many of them are available for free and they also have their paid version. The free version however has restricted number of bandwidth.

Some of them give you just 500MB per month, while some other ones make it 750MB. Once you have reached your limit for the month, you will have to wait till the next month before you can use the proxy server again. If you are a heavy internet surfer, the free version may just not be enough for you.

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