Free US Number: How to Generate Yours Easily

Many Nigerians who are involved in one online business or the other will always be in need of U.S phone numbers to run their business. There are some restricted websites that will never allow anybody to access them except United States citizens.


In most instances, such websites require that you provide a phone number from the United States in order to gain access to the services they offer. In other instances, you may need to receive call from a United States business partner or make calls to the partner and you do not want to let them know you are not calling from the United States.

These and many more reasons prompt Nigerians to seek for U.S phone numbers. This write-up will direct you on how you too can get free US phone number for your online businesses.

Google voice to the rescue

As a Nigerian, you can get your free U.S phone number from Goggle Voice.  You can use the number to make calls to any US. Phone number and it can also be used to receive calls from any part of the globe, including the United States.  The number can equally be used in sending or receiving SMS and voicemail.

The downside is that only those in Canada and United States can have access to Google Voice.  If you are a non-US individual and you need to access Google Voice, all you have to do is to get the requirements below:

  • A VPN that can change your IP address to that of United States
  • A United States phone number that can be used in verifying your Google Voice account.

The steps you can take in obtaining your U.S phone number via Google Voice are highlighted below:

  • Visit Google Voice website and sign up using your Google account, like Gmail account.
  • You will be prompted to “Set up your Google Voice Number”. Or you can click on “Get a Google Voice Number” link if the said prompt does not come up.  This link is located on the left side of the webpage.
  • Next, click on the “I want a new number” tab.
  • After, provide the US number you got above and this will be used for your verification.
  • The confirmation number will be located on the next prompt screen that shows up.
  • Click on “Call Me Now” tab in order to verify this number. The phone number must be close by to enable you answer the call.
  • When the phone rings, you will be given a confirmation number. Type the confirmation number in the space provided when you are prompted to do so.
  • Follow the prompts that come up to get your personal voicemail messages set up.
  • Provide your zip code when prompted and click on Next.
  • A drop down menu will be provided and you will be asked to choose any US number among them.
  • Provide a PIN to give you access to the phone number.
  • You can now return to your account history on Google Voice
  • Afterwards, change Settings and remove Call Screening

You can get the verification phone number by visiting

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