DSTV Remote Control: How to Get A Replacement

DSTV is a leading satellite television service provider no doubt. Truth is they have the largest number of clients among other outlets providing similar services in Africa. DSTV presently has 8 million subscribers; Nigeria and South Africa represent the largest chunk of this number.

Are you one of their subscribers or customers? Have you lost your remote control or it is damaged and you need to replace it? Not to worry; this write-up is put together for one purposed: to direct you on how to get a replacement for your DSTV remote control.

Various types of DSTV remote controls available

DSTV decoders have different types of remote controls, depending on the type of decoder you are using. While these remote controls may be products of the same company, one remote control may not work on another type of decoder aside its specifically assigned one.

Some of the types of DSTV decoders are DSTV B4 Standard decoder remote control, DSTV Explora A6 remote control, DSTV HD Pvr A4 remote control, DSTV HD single view decoder B5 remote control and so on.

Cost of procurement

Each of these types of decoders does cost differently. Change in price usually corresponds with how expensive the decoder is. The outlet where you are making your purchase may also determine how much you end up paying for the decoder; some outlets may add extra amount on the official price.

The value of the local currency, the naira to the dollar or rand can equally determine how much you end up paying. For example, a weak naira will force the price up, since the remote controls are actually pegged down at their foreign currency value.

Do not forget that DSTV is a South African company. You will end up paying more on the DSTV remote control if Naira drops value against the Rand, the South African currency unit. The prices range between R50 and R700.

Online purchase

You can visit any of the online retail outlets in Nigeria to buy your DSTV remote control. Such outlets like Jumia and Konga do have them in their varieties and the prices vary according to the explanation given earlier.

Do not forget that these online outlets do offer home delivery. You should therefore be specific about the type of remote control you want to buy so that the right product can be delivered to you.

Go for universal

While most DSTV remote controls may not work easily across all decoders, there are some remote controls that have universal functions. It is better to go for these ones when making your purchase. It is better to first test the universal remote control before placing your hard earned money on it. Test with your decoder choice to determine if the remote control is actually functional or not.

Choose where to buy carefully

It is not enough to get a functional remote control for your decoder; the said remote control must also be able to last long. This is why you must be careful about where you make your purchase. It is better to buy from reliable and long standing outlets so as to avoid stories that touch later on.

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