Dangote Products: The Full List

Dangote Group is an internationally recognized conglomerate. They have branches in several countries of the world.  They also have so many products to their credit.  The company is always evolving and is therefore adding many more products as the years go by.



They are making effort always top strengthen their operations across Nigeria and to other countries of the world.  The vast arrays of brands identified with Dangote Group make them one of the biggest in Africa. Do not also forget that the owner, Aliko Dangote, is the richest black man in the world.

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The annual turnover of Dangote Group is $3 billion, which is N450 billion.  Aside several other brands owned by Dangote, they are planning on going into other aspects, like real estate, oil & gas and beverages.

Most of the products made available by Dangote are value-added products and services that are required locally.  These products are more or less basic needs of the Nigerian and African populace.

Dangote has a number of large scale manufacturing facilities to its name across Nigeria. The group is also generating employment in Nigeria and across other African countries where it is operating.

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Products made available by Dangote Group are top quality products. Their customers also give credence to the quality of the products being sold by Dangote Group. Some of the brands being sold by Dangote Group are:

  • Dangote Sugar
  • Dangote Cement
  • Dangote Salt
  • Petit Tomato Paste
  • Dangote Sacks
  • Danvita
  • Dangote Macaroni
  • Mowa Water
  • Dangote Flour
  • Dangote Spaghetti
  • Ziza Milk
  • Dansa Juice
  • Dangote Noodles


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