Best Apps for Downloading Movies & Videos from YouTube

Video downloading is one of the most common activities online. It is normal to want to download a video you like, but there are times such downloading may be impossible due to network problem or due to the particular browser you are using; some internet browsers do not make downloading easy at all.


In order to make your video downloading very easy, you can always opt for video downloading apps. These apps will make the job very easy for you and they can also get ye video downloaded fast. Many of them are built to help you manage your internet data too and they will not consume your data while carrying out the video downloading.

In this write-up, we are going to look into a number of apps for downloading movies and videos online from YouTube. If you are browsing the internet with any of those browsers that do not permit easy downloading of videos from YouTube, you can always opt for any of these apps.

The apps are available to both android users and iOS users.    Many of them also do not take much space on your mobile device.  Some will cost you some money, while there are others that you can download for free.  We have taken time to select the best of these apps that you can use to ensure best video and movie downloading experience.  Check them below

Free Video Downloader Plus

This video downloader is available free of charges. It is equally built with its own browser.  This customized browser makes the work very easy and makes the downloading from YouTube very fast.

The browser is sleek and sweet to use.  It is one of the best movie and video downloader for those who use iPhone.


If you have any video on your mind that you desire to download, this is one of the best you can always go for. It is awesome in all sense of the word and helps you fetch your video from YouTube and download such videos without any hitch.

This app is reliable in all sense of the word. You will be able to choose the quality of the video you want to download.  It comes with inbuilt advanced search option too. To make things even more interesting, the app is made available free of charges and it can be downloaded on android Smartphone.

Video Downloading Pro

This is the advanced form of Free Video Downloader Plus mentioned earlier.  If you have any video you want to download, this is the perfect app to go for. It makes your downloading go very fast and you will round things off in no time at all.  The videos you download using this app can be transferred very easily to your laptop of PC.  It is also available free of charges.

Tube downloader Pro

This one is not free like many of the others; you will have to pay to access it. It comes with innumerable downloading options to add more fun to your downloading experience. It is more or less a cracking application that enables you download any video you want, even if the video is restricted.  It is available for those who use iPhone.

The app can be easily updated too and this means improvement in function after each update.

MyVid Video Downloader

This app is ultra slick and it come with so many features that iPhone end users will find very interesting.  You can also download the app on your iPad. If you want to share your videos via social media sites, you can also use this app for that purpose.

You can protect the videos downloaded using this app via its password-protection feature.  These features make this video downloader app one of the best out there.

MxTube for YouTube

Many have come to the conclusion that this particular video and movie downloader is the best YouTube app on global scale.  It is made especially for iPhone users.  The experience is one in a million.

If you want, you can be playing the downloaded video in the background while you use your Smartphone for other things. The clips you play on the phone can also be rated if you want.  It is highly flexible and this makes using it very interesting.


This is also not free.  It comes with loads of top class features too.  Many more video lovers are downloading this app and you too will do well to join them without delay.  It comes with video sharing options that enable you to send your video to others via email and other routes.

If you want to edit the video you have downloaded, you can use this app for that purpose.

Titan downloader

This is yet another wonderful movie and video downloader.  It comes with real cool features you will find very interesting and appealing.  The app can be passworded if you like. The video downloaded with it also can be easily passworded.

You can equally use the app to queue a number of videos to be downloaded.  This is simply one of the best out there.

Ultra downloader

The process of downloading using this app is very fast and hitch-free. It is very easy to operate and the interface is very easy to navigate.  It helps download your videos very fast and it can be used in playing the downloaded videos.

iBolt Downloader

This is not a free movie and video downloader.  It however comes with a number of free options and it is undoubtedly one of the best you can ever come by around. Every dime spent on it will prove to be money well spent.

Aside enabling you to download YouTube videos fast and easily, the app can also be used to download videos from several other sites. You can use it to access restricted sites and download videos from such sites without any glitch.

Any video converter

This is one of the most dependable movie and video downloaders around.  It can be used to download YouTube videos easily.  It can also be used to record videos and burn DVDs. It can easily convert video and audio from and to over 60 file formats.

Additionally, you can add effect to your videos using this app.



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