5 Best Ad Networks in Nigeria

An advertising network is a company that connects those in need of advertising services to websites that want to host adverts. Online advertising takes place via different channels, such as desktop and mobile websites, blogs, websites, mobile apps, instant messaging applications,  adware, e-mails, and many other media channels. A great Ad network is that which does a good job at providing advert supplies for publishers and meeting an advertiser’s demands.

Below are the best Ad networks available for use in Nigeria.

Best Ad Networks in Nigeria


Adsense is reputably one of the best ad platforms in the world. AdSense is owned by Google and is the biggest in the industry. It is used by many bloggers because of the quality of their ads. These quality ads are able to enhance the user experience on a publishers’ website as well. Adsense offers CPC-based (Cost per click) ads. However, getting approved to be a publisher can prove a little difficult. However, some of AdSense’s advantages are its ease of use and the flexibility to show customized ads. Also, with AdSense, you do not have a minimum traffic requirement.

How does AdSense work

Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online platforms and content. AdSense works by matching adverts to your site based on your content and visitors. The adverts themselves are created by the advertisers who have products they need to promote. The amount a publisher will earn on Google AdSense varies because advertisers pay different prices for different adverts. AdSense differs from others as it delivers ads served by Google Ads to your site. Google then pays you for the ads displayed on your site. Pay is determined by user clicks on an advert or on advert’s impressions, although this depends on the type of ad. AdSense gives publishers instant and automatic access to a huge pool of advertiser demand by using an ad auction to automatically select the ads that will appear on your website. The highest paying ad is what then shows on your site. A publisher is able to enjoy the competition for his or her ad space, more relevant ads, and even adverts for all of one’s online content.

How to make your Ad space available on Adsense

You make your ad space available on AdSense by pasting the ad code on your site and also choosing where you want the adverts to appear. Through a real-time auction, advertisers with products or services to promote then bid to have their adverts in your ad spaces. The highest paying ads show on your site. AdSense also handles the process of billing the advertisers for the ads on your site, so as to ensure you receive your payments on time.


Media.net is another leading global advertising company. The company has worked with advertisers via different media channels such as search, native, display, mobile, local, products and video. Media.net is reputed to manage ad supplies on over 500,000 websites. The company is powered by Bing and Yahoo, which explains the company’s high-quality ads. Media.net is available to both new and established bloggers. Publishers can also use ads from Yahoo and Bing. The company offers contextual ads based on Cost per action, Cost per Mile, and Cost per Click.

How does Media.net work

Media.net is a contextual ad network, which means that it hosts advertisements based on the context and contents of your page. For example, if your website has content on food and food products, Media.net runs adverts related to food and food products on your website. A website that creates content on cameras and the use of cameras will have adverts related to photography and its accessories. Contextual advertisements will be shown based on the context of the websites and their contents, thus bringing more traffic to your website. Media.net has high revenue for its high-quality ads. It also provides you with various optimization techniques to help you to make more money from your hosted ads. Mobile ads are one of the major features of Media.net. Media.net has a minimum payout of 100$ which is paid through PayPal and Web Money. This ad network is particularly useful for new and small publishers since there is no minimum traffic requirement. You however must however be making a reasonable amount of traffic on your website from the United States and Canada. However, once you get approved, you will enjoy a good pay reputed to be more than that of AdSense. Other features of Media.net include having a dedicated account manager to help you get started on their network and guide you in making more money from your website.

How to get your Ad space on Media.net

If you have one approved account with Media.net to run advertisements on an unlimited number of blogs or websites. This helps to keep you organized and abreast of what is happening on all your websites.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads boasts of about over 1 billion online users per month. The company was found in 2011 and has since then grown into becoming one of the largest advertising networks in the world. It reaches over 100 million desktop & mobile users per day and has worked with over 120,000 of premium online publishers.

How do Propeller Ads work

Propeller Ads provides you with instant approval and fast payments, Propeller Ads is specifically targeted towards bloggers who work across various channels such as mobile, desktop, social media, software, games, etc. Propeller Ads offer adverts based on Cost per action, Cost per Mile, and Cost per Click. This ad network is also considered a great one because it provides real-time reporting for ads it sponsors. This makes it easy for the publisher to track the performance and earnings easily. As a publisher, you will receive 80% profit from all ads displayed on your website or mobile app. Propeller Ads offers one of the lowest costs for advertisers and guarantees yet a massive reach.

How to Register an Account with Propeller Ads

Starting off as a publisher or wanting to use Propeller Ads as an advertiser can be easily done via a few steps. All you need to do is go to the company’s website and feel the form which entails information about your account type, whether you are a company or an individual.

These are the best Ad Networks for publishers and advertisers in Nigeria based on the cost of adverts for advertisers and revenue for publishers.

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