7 Best Inverter Battery Brands in Nigeria

In Nigeria, you really cannot be comfortable without having a power backup system for your electricity. This is also known as the inverter system. An inverter system is a power adapter that allows a battery-based system to run home appliances through home wiring. Many Nigerians complain of having good inverters but cannot enjoy them because they do not have good inverter batteries to work with them. That is, the inverter is still working but the batteries are dead because they cannot store energy. Hence, there is electricity to be generated by the inverter and therefore, no power supply. In order to enjoy your inverter, you have to pick the best battery too. This article gathers inverter battery brands and models that are long-lasting and efficient.

Best Inverter Battery Brands in Nigeria

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Deep Cycle Battery 150AH NPP

Deep Cycle Battery is made by NP Power International Inc. NP Power International (NPP) is a power supply manufacturer renowned for its high-quality lead-acid batteries and power banks. NPP provides a diverse supply of led acid batteries such as Deep- cycle batteries and Solar-powered batteries. The Deep Cycle Battery 150AH NPP is made with heavy-duty lead calcium grids and has a total of 10 years of design life when charged as instructed. It is ideal as a standby power supply and for cases where there is frequently interrupted electricity supply. The full-charged Deep Cycle Battery has a cyclic discharge application of 3 weeks. The Deep Cycle Battery is equipped with a safety valve system to prevent pressure build-up within the battery. The battery is also fully sealed and designed to be maintenance-free. It has a rugged design with a battery case made from non-conductive ABS plastic. It has a strong resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals, weather and heat. Lastly, the NPP Deep Cycle Battery is very easy to install. Each NPP Deep Cycle battery purchased comes with a one-year warranty.

Tubular Battery GTT 220AH/12V Invomax Genus

The Genus Tubular Battery is manufactured by the Genus brand. Genus is known as one of the best manufacturers of the Genus super quality inverters themselves. It is often recommended that one goes for Tubular batteries when choosing batteries for inverters. Tubular batteries do not experience any shedding or corrosion, which helps them last even longer. Tubular batteries are also tough and durable and can operate at extreme temperatures even when there is frequent and prolonged power outages. The Tubular Battery 220AH/12V Invomax Genus is designed to deliver consistent and reliable power without fail. It is highly efficient, yet without reducing the battery life. In fact, this battery performs better in heavy-duty applications and continues to perform in spite of long and frequent power cuts. The Genus Tubular Battery has high acid volumes and a tall tubular design. It also charges fast in spite of its high performance. Even with all of this, its cost of maintenance is low.

Luminous inverter battery SMF 100AH/12v

The Luminous Inverter Battery SMF 200AH/12V has a rugged framework which makes it deliver superior performance and helps it have much longer battery life. With this battery, you get better deep discharge recovery and extended cycles of use. The Luminous Inverter Battery has the highest amp hour rating and a warranty of 42 years. It provides many years of excellent service even when there are long and frequent power cuts. This battery is designed exclusively for inverters. It is a solid assurance of quality performance with low maintenance and ease of use. If you want an inverter battery that will offer premium value for its price, this is the one to use. The Luminous Inverter Battery is a tubular battery that makes it tough and durable. It is also able to withstand extreme temperatures which makes it ideal for the Nigerian home. The Luminous Company offers a range of inverter batteries, to meet the different needs of their customers. However, for your inverter and other power backup use, the Luminous Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries are most recommended. When you want quality batteries for your power solution, the Luminous Inverter Battery is one of the top brands to choose from.

Exide Inverlast Tubular battery

Exide is one of the leading manufacturers of batteries for all purposes including vehicles. They also manufacture high-quality batteries for inverters. This battery from Exide has a strong storage capacity with the ability to store 150ah of power. It has thick and dual plate construction made up of special alloy material which helps to reduce water loss and premature failure of the battery. Exide Tubular Battery uses high pressure. It also comes in a compatible size. The Exide Tubular Battery does not experience any shedding or corrosion thus ensuring a longer battery life. Owing to its toughness and durability, the Exide Tubular Batteries can operate at extreme temperatures. It can be used in situations where there are frequent and prolonged power outages.

Ride Plus Tubular Inverter

The Ride Plus Tubular Inverter has positive plate construction made with special alloy material which makes it corrosion-resistant. This battery has excellent mechanical strength. Its negative plates are of the pasted type with firmly built construction, designed to match the power and long life of the positive plates. The Ride Plus Tubular Inverter is made with a blend of oxide and other special additives for long life and performance. It is also made of high-quality rubber covers for high impact strength and high resistance to abrasion. This battery has a ceramic vent plug that is able to trap acid fumes and allows only gases to go out. This helps to reduce water evaporation from the battery cells and also prolongs the life of the battery. The Ride Plus Tubular Inverter Battery is suitable for frequent power cuts. It is very efficient yet requires low maintenance. The Ride Plus tubular Inverter comes with a 1-year warranty excluding physical damages.

These are the best inverter battery brands to get in Nigeria. While some of these brands may be pricey, they are long-lasting and run their worth.


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