5 Things You Should Know to Identify the Best Headphones

Regardless of where you source headphones from, we have all at least used one pair of headphones till date. It could be the cheap ones or the really expensive branded ones, we have all observed and understood its necessities. The right sound quality will make all the difference.

Better quality sounds can make you feel all the emotions and attune to your feelings. However, other than good sound quality, there are a lot of other factors to consider to choose the best headphone.

Headphone brands tend to use a lot of science and engineering to make that one perfect pair of headphones we all seem to enjoy. The sound can be attuned in an infinite number of ways, making it more about enjoying the audio experience and matching it to the type of music you’re used to listening to, as compared to picking one according to trends, brand names and styles.

This guide will help you choose a better understanding of what to look for in the headphones and how to make an informed decision while buying yourself a pair of headphones.

  1. Sound quality

Audiophiles and tech geeks are not the only ones who are concerned about the sound quality in their headphones. Before committing to any single pair of headphones try to test the audio quality and make your decision based on that. Nowadays, a lot of wireless headphones are equipped with aptX technology.

To simplify it, Bluetooth was not meant for high-quality audio transmissions which means that the audio is compressed and it makes it sound worse. However, with the aptX compression, it is done a little differently so that the audio quality is a lot more similar to CDs.

The trick here, however, is that both the headphones and audio devices like speakers or your phone must support aptX technology. In saying that, most people will not be able to tell the difference between a $400 pair of headphones and a $40 one. Even if you can, the differences are subtle and most people find it a nuisance to pay that much extra money for something that does not matter much.

  1. Form, comfort, and size

Most people focus on the form, comfort and size while looking at buying the best wireless headphones and for good reason as well.

Many people are often wearing the same pair of headphones for multiple hours a day, so it must be comfortable and convenient. Many people will also focus on style and the need to look good. Wireless headphones that don’t look good do not sell as well as their sleek-looking counterparts.

There are three different forms of wireless earphones: in-ear, on-ear and over-ear:

  • In-ear headphones:These headphones are self-explanatory but it is a very innovative area currently with many companies attempting to revolutionize its form and functionality. 
  • On-ear headphones: These headphones are the ones that simply rest on top of your ears but don’t completely enclose them. In contrast, over-ear headphones enclose the entire ear. The difference between the two is that over-ear headphones enclose the entire ear and the latter allows for better bass and louder sound volumes. It is also comfortable and portable.
  1. Controls and pairing:

If you are used to wired headphones, then you are also probably used to controlling things like volume, or the play/pause options with physical buttons along the wire. Wireless headphones can be very different in that regard. There are a lot of controls on the earpieces themselves.

Some of them are protruding but most of them are modern and sleek that have touch controls instead. A limited number of headphones can also be controlled by voice or external apps. The method of control is way more important than you might think. Many manufacturers will choose stylish design over functionality. However, it all comes down to your needs and practicality. There more things that needs to check for which bridge will guide in a better way.

The control method is more important than you might think. For instance, some of the controls may not be suitable for gym-goers, while others might be good for other causes. Another thing to consider is how the headphones can be paired with an external device. Most people use Bluetooth to pair your phones or an external speaker but others may not also have NFC functionality.

  1. Battery life

Battery life is one of the most important factors to consider while buying the best pair of headphones you can afford. If you’re getting a wired pair, this is not an issue at all. However, if you do choose to go the wireless route, you probably realise that a good battery life is so important.

You would need your headphones to at least last the duration of your run, without having to have charged it overnight. When completely charged, they should last you a decent session on the track or you can also go for longer times in between charges.

If you are one among the few that have never used wired headphones, the fact that wireless headphones have a limited battery life might be an alien concept. However, it is an important part of any wireless headphones and an important factor to consider.

Most wireless headphones will give you a good few hours of battery life so you should be able to use them for more than a few hours every day. If you need extended battery life, consider doing more research on specific headphones. There is another thing to consider here and that is the charging time.

If you forget to plug your wireless headphones in after you come back home from work, you will probably not be able to use them the next day. Though you may not be able to use the wireless headphones while they are charging, they will not be wireless then.

  1. Price

Have a fixed budget. Setting your budget is the most important factor to consider while buying a pair of headphones. Premium wireless headphones come at a premium price.

If you are looking for wireless headphones with great noise cancellation, advanced features, great design, and fantastic sound quality, then you will have to pay extra for that. However, if you only want a convenient pair of headphones for simple music listening and voice chatting then a simple, cheap pair will work wonders.

These are just some of the factors to consider while buying a new pair of headphones. However, there is more to that than the factors mentioned above. Consider and assess what you’re looking for in a pair of headphones and remember to not compromise on quality too much or you’ll find yourself buying another one way sooner than you’d like too.

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