PayPal in Nigeria: How to Open and Verify a Paypal Account

Update: PayPal is now officially available in Nigeria (effective from Tuesday, June 17, 2014). However, Nigerian PayPal users can only send funds and make online payments. PayPal does not allow Nigerians to receive of withdraw funds.

If you need a PayPal account for making payments online, then click here to read this article on how to create your own account within 10 minutes.

However if you need a PayPal account for receiving and withdrawing funds, continue reading this article to its end. The trick I revealed here will be of help to you.

It’s no news that PayPal does not accept Nigerians. This restriction by Paypal was necessitated some years back when some Nigerians used the payment platform to defraud many foreign buyers on Ebay (which owns Paypal).

Because Paypal is not available to Nigerians, sending and receiving payment for online transactions have been very difficult for those who have legitimate reasons to use the payment system. And from all indications, Paypal isn’t ready to reverse this restriction anytime soon.

Before I reveal the only trick you can use to operate a Paypal account in Nigeria safely and free of charge, I’ll advice you to check out the alternatives to Paypal (for Nigerians) as revealed in this article: Alternatives to Paypal (for Nigerians)

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If you think the alternatives offered in the article are still not suitable for you, then try this:

If you have a TRUSTED friend or relative in the US, UK, or any other country where Paypal allows users to withdraw funds, ask that person to help you open a Paypal account (if they don’t have one already). The account would be opened in their name so that they would help you with their ID documents whenever Paypal requests for them.

If that friend or relative of yours has a bank account over there, you’ll need their card for verifying the account.

After the account has been created, ask for the username and password used for creating the account (if they were not provided by you). Then, you can freely login to the account from Nigeria whenever you need to.

Chances are high that Paypal will notice the Nigerian IP address and would request that some ID documents be scanned and sent to them for security verification. You’ll easy scale this hurdle if the person who helped you create the account used their own name (instead of yours) and address in the US or UK (or wherever they may be).

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However, if your relative already has and uses a PayPal account, he/she won’t be able to create a second account, as PayPal frowns against that. So, it’s better to have your funds sent to their PayPal ID.

Ultimately, you’ll ask your friend/relative to help you withdraw the funds and send to you via Western Union or Moneygram.

This is the only trick that can work for you. Don’t pay anyone who promises to get you a verified Paypal account. You’ll most likely get your account banned and all your funds seized! Be warned.

Note: The email address used to register the Paypal account must be YOURS!

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  1. Junka Kunto

    I have bought a verified PayPal account from Auction Essistance. The only issue I am having is trying to get money out. Do you know any trustworthy currency exchangers or ways to get money out?

  2. Evang. Bright

    pls Adesida, are u saying that one can go through US based paypal by a relative,> trasferd to pioneer acc,> then to your nig bank card??? pls does this work?? pls contact me, i rely need ur asst on this +2347037541472

  3. endurance sunday

    and Mr Abbas please can be you social media manager?

  4. endurance sunday

    i have read everything and can only say ,we nigerians killed ourselves, by letting this paypal opportunity into the gutters. life was made easy and we made it hard. believe me when i tell you that there are apps and several other sources where one can make passive income but all these places are asking for paypal accounts. i don’t know if i will ever forgive the people who put innocent individuals into this kind of mess. even freelancers is asking for paypal,just imagine….please any body with a way out in Nigeria or outside Nigeria that can help me whether i use his or her account(paypal) and get just 70% of the money that gets into my paypal, i don’t mind..please this are my contacts, 08163908234,, topa sunday on facebook..please i really need a paypal solution….or if we could be advocated for so paypal operates fully in Nigeria..tnks and God bless Nigeria

  5. Todd

    I have bought a verified PayPal account from Auction Essistance which has been working well, but the only issue I am facing is trying to get money out. I don’t have a USA bank since Payoneer banks are banned from PayPal. Do you have any suggestions on getting money out?

  6. Uzomba Godwin Chinedu

    please i want to open paypal account,how do go about it.thanks

  7. Mazi

    Please i tried opening a PayPal account here in Nigeria but after fill in my email and password and click on the continue button it won’t continue. Please what might be the problem?

  8. Yinka

    Hello Abass!! You are great.. I have learnt lots from you. I want to open a paypal account and I have 2 choices. I want you you to choose one for me. The first one is … I have lived in UAE But I live in nigeria now. I have UAE bank account and debit card which I’m still using anytime I visit. I also have UAE drivers license which will expire in 7 years time
    The other option is .. I have a brother on canada who can open for me… Pls advice which one should I choose
    Many thanks

    I don’t mind getting reply in my mail

  9. nuzzo

    Has anyone tried Auction Essistance for a verified PayPal account?

  10. stepehn

    thanks mr Abass for your Advices. Please where i have my own problem is that, when i want to sign up on paypal, after filling all the gaps. i click on Agree and continue but it refuses to continue. I did it several times but no way. How will i create the account from nigeria.

  11. David

    Please I want to open a paypal account in nigeria please can I get the website please


  13. Please, I opened a Nigerian Paypal account,both personal and business accounts last year,2015.Can I open another USA Paypal account for a business I want to do this year,2016,wwithout being banned,or should I cancel the 2 Nigerian paypal accounts first. thank you

  14. please,I opened a nigerian paypal account,both personal and business accounts, last year,2015,can I open another paypal usa account again for a program i want to start this year,2016?Or should i close the 2 nigerian paypal accounts first?thank you

  15. hi,pls i want to know ,if get paid in my nigerian paypal acct,can i transfer the funds to my sisters paypal acct in the us.pls i need a reply.tnx

    1. You cannot get paid in your Nigerian paypal account.

  16. Baba

    Pls,I want to know if I can receive payment directly into my PayPal account without linking a bank account, though for for further purchase.

  17. Nuzzo

    Would it be a good idea to get a verified PayPal from Auction Essistance?

  18. Billy Jay

    Thanks Mr. Or Mrs. Or Miss fortunate Nigerian, the non-potfolio Legal Abroad Dweller.

    If only you know how your UKs and USs had frustrated every little legal efforts to make it in this country, you wouldn’t have vaunted so loud your plastic mouth.

    Do you think you are so lucky answering a third or even a hundred class fellow in where you are hanging out?

    1. Victor

      I recently opened a Nigerian PayPal account and have been unable to link any of my MasterCards to it. Each time I try to do that I get the message that the card is not accepted. What do I do? The cards are those of first bank and Skye bank . Thank you.

  19. Conroy

    Has anyone tried Auction Essistance for a verified PayPal account?

  20. Emeka


  21. ifeanyi alaekwe

    Hello PayPal guru, I need help.
    I try to open a PayPal account but it could not be opened.

    Please help me ooo

  22. Katkina Kryptova

    I bought a Paypal in USA from Auction Essistance, but I have issues with getting money out.

    Payoneer is banned by PayPal, anyone know another way to get money out?

    1. joan

      you can get it thru a debit card

  23. felix

    I have verified my paypal account but am having problem making payment

  24. Kins

    If you can found my PayPal account from you account then you tell me how I can pay in into your Nigeria bank account

  25. Kins

    Can you fund my PayPal account

    1. Jame s


  26. Debbie

    Thank you so much for this wonderful info Mr Abass. I hv a relative resident in the US that doesn’t know or make use of PayPal services, the issue is that the same cannot open the account for me due to her little or no knowledge of d computer, but she has a US ID and account too. Can I open my PayPal account here in Nigeria using her details and successfully receive payments through her via Western Union? will there be an IP address issue? and if eventually she gains knowledge of or has a need to have a PayPal account, will it be a problem for her? pls reply asap. Debbie

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Don’t do that. It will complicate issue for both of you at the end of the day.

  27. Nuzzo

    Since Nigeria isn’t supported, do you think it is a good idea to buy a USA PayPal account from Auction Essistance?


    Good morning my Nigerian Finders! Please I do need your favor to help me create a PayPal account. Please do your best for me. I will be expectant to hear from you. Thank you very much.

  29. Ejiro

    Many thanks for sharing this, Jerry.!
    But how legal isi tt? Does the app legitimise the receipt of PayPay payment in Nigeria? I have been having issues with payment because Pay Pay is what most clients abroad use to effect payment

  30. Jerry musa

    I have a friend who is using PayPal to receive payment, he installed the app on his phone, he followed the registration process and his bank sent him a message that he can receive payment from any online business, of which he has received payments

    1. Jerry,
      Thanks for dropping this very useful information.

    2. Good day Sir,
      please I want to know if your friend still receives payments through his Nigerian PayPal account into his Bank account. is the system still working? please I would really appreciate your prompt response Sir.

      have a great day and thanks for the information

  31. Abolaji

    @Mr Abas, God bless you. Please I need to use PayPal to make payment for application fee to a school in US how do I go about it? Just a token of 125$. I just followed your guideline on how to open a PayPal account but my account is yet to be verified as the email link up keep prompting for my password often times.

  32. Ejiro

    Many thanks, Abass for this, How do I link my Pay Pal accounts to my Bank’s to enable auto payment renewal effected regularly when due?

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Let it be cleared to everyone on this. That of Nigeria cannot accept payment but Christine is recommending opening foreign PayPal account in ones real names.

      I agree with this because I recently got a mail from PayPal confirming that it is allowed. I should have copied and pasted the reply from them here but it too long that time cannot permit me to type. Moreover, this site does not allow texts to be copied and pasted.

    2. Presegs Adesida

      At Ejiro, all you need to do is to link your bank’s card to your PayPal.
      Select auto-renew on the site you are registering with using your PayPal account and do as make sure you load your bank’s card used with naira equivalent required for the renewal to be successful automatically.

  33. Christine

    You can open PayPal account that receives and withdraws cash.learn to operate PayPal account yourself

    1. Presegs Adesida

      You are definitely right but this only applies to opening foreign PayPal account in ones name.

      Paypal supports that from a reply that was received from them concerning this.

    2. Adams

      Can you be of help in opening a paypal acc for me? Grateful you did.

  34. James david

    is the best for me

  35. innex

    My paypal account status is unverified, and money is been debited from my bank account but yet no any code sent pls need your help

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Which bank’s card did you use?

  36. Gabriel

    Hello…. Just came across this. I have been trying to open a PayPal account but I am stuck. I have confirmed the mail sent to me, but when I try completing my registration, I keep getting an error message saying wrong or missing information…. This is the page where you usually get asked for Address Line 1 and address line 2…. I have done everything but I till keep getting same error message.

  37. bright

    please my paypal didnt accept my accesbank mastercard please why

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Which error message were you getting?

  38. Presegs Adesida

    I think what concerned sista is saying in short is that Nigerians should open PayPal account themselves in their own name.

    Moreover, PayPal allows one personal and one premier/business account per individual.

  39. Nichy

    Thank you so much Mr Abass for your sincere and selfless informations to help Nigerians on this platform. You are really doing a great job and God bless you. I have so many questions now flowing through my mind and i would really appreciate it if you could help out to answer me. Let me start with this one for now if you don’t mind and if you permit me, i could ask the other questions later:
    Does Google Adsense and its CPC strategy require Paypal for payment to a Nigerian blogger or do they just transfer ones earnings directly to ones Nigerian bank account? And pls how is Google Adsense obtained in Nigeria legitimately? How much does it cost and what is the procedure?
    Thanks a lot as i wait in anticipation for your reply…

  40. Concerned sista

    OK, you got me with “you rock” but I beg to differ with regard to the nature of fraud, and this is why Naija is seen the way it is.

    My shortest comment yet.

  41. Concerned sista

    I live in the UK and stumbled upon this site while doing some research for relatives in Nigeria with regards to receiving funds via online payment options like PayPal.

    This is a very informative site, but am both concerned by and disappointed with your “trick” of getting relatives residing in authorised countries to open PayPal accounts in their name, on behalf of their Nigerian residents brothers and sisters, etc. Isn’t this illegal? Doesn’t this constitute fraud? Who, exactly, are you trying to trick? Nigerians? Their relatives abroad? PayPal?

    Besides which, many people who live in the UK and US will already have a PayPal account, as it’s pretty much ubiquitous with online shopping, which many of us do regularly. So the chances of getting them to open another account is slim, if at all.

    PayPal is like a bank. Would you advise anyone to open a bank account in their own name on behalf of someone else? Is there anyone who is reading this who has an account with a bank that would do this for someone else?

    Why not just suggest another alternative payment option like payza, which I believe accepts Nigerian account holders without limitation (i.e. allows both receipt and withdrawal of funds as well as deposit)?

    Why is it that even the most seemingly forthright and honest Nigerians will still throw in some fraudulent advice to innocent seekeres of knowledge? It’s just frustrating that many of us with dual citizenship and/or residency have to regularly defend Nigeria as being one of the most corrupt nations on earth, when even otherwise good sites like this are busy offering fraudulent solutions out there for the world to see.

    Very disappointed.

    1. Abass

      Concerned Sista,

      Thanks for expressing your observation and criticism.

      Firstly, I think you got the wring signals from the word “trick”. The fact that I called the solution a trick doesn’t make it fraudulent or illegal. In the post, I was actually referring to relatives in the UK/US who DO NOT already have a PayPal account or don’t even know what it is. So, if they create one in their name for a relative who would use it for legal purposes, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just similar to someone with an aged mother who creates a bank account in his own name and gives the ATM to his mother, so that she can have access to money. Is that illegal? To me, no is the answer. Does the fact that the name on the card is different from the name of its user constitute fraud? To me, no is the answer.

      I would disagree with you that PayPal is like a bank. PayPal is a means of transferring and receiving money — nobody saves money in PayPal for the long term. And the solution I offered is similar to asking a relative to withdraw Western Union funds on your behalf because you don’t have the ID documents required to do that on your own. I hope you know the funds would have to be sent to the person who would eventually withdraw it. How is that a problem? That’s assistance based on trust.

      You asked why I didn’t suggest other options. Did you read the beginning part of the post where I shared a link to other options? Did you see where I wrote “If you think the alternatives offered in the article…”? That part implies that the “trick” should be a last resort.

      Payza might accept Nigerians and allow them to send and receive funds, but the question is, how many online merchants offer Payza as a payment option? And how many affiliate programs and job outsourcing sites pay members through Payza and other alternatives to PayPal. The second most widely used money transfer service online is Skrill, which is not available to Nigerians. So, this post is about how to get funds through PayPal if there’s no other option.

      You see, my sister, I appreciate your efforts at defending the integrity of Nigeria and Nigerians. But it would be wrong to call this method fraudulent. And if you insist it is, then we might have to go back to the dictionary for th meaning of that word.

      I’ve never been in support of anything unethical or shady. And that’s why I always discourage people from creating PayPal accounts by changing IP addresses, using fake US/UK numbers and whatnot. I only suggested this so that trustworthy people who are into legitimate online businesses would not be hindered from getting paid via PayPal.

      Once again, thanks so much for your observation. More importantly, thanks for taking your time to type the comment. Yours is by far the longest comment ever left by a reader on this blog:) And expectably, it prompted me to type the longest reply. You rock!

    2. concerned sista, pls do ask pay pal management and you will be suprised we are all in the business of “trick”

  42. pls am ghana,how do i get a paypal account as a nigerian

    1. Presegs Adesida

      You can come over to Nigeria, stay with your friend, get yourself neccessary ID card and then proceed to opening bank account.
      Once you are done with that, open a Nigeria PayPal account and let your friend be operating the account for you from Nigeria.

  43. Nusrox

    Pls, can anyone tell me steps to take in starting online business using amazon in Nigeria?

    1. Hello Nusrox,
      You need to clarify what you really want.
      Do you want to sell products on Amazon or you want to order from amazon and sell here in Nigeria?

  44. Zizi

    I just opened a paypal account in nigeria and linked my naira debit card to it. Is it possible to send send money to a paypal account opened in the uk. Any ideas please

    1. Presegs Adesida

      You can surely do that in as much you have enough naira equivalent on your naira debit card.

  45. mike

    please can i use my payoneer mastercard account on paypal account.

    1. Presegs Adesida

      @ Mike You can use your Payoneer account Mastercard on PayPal accounts like that of USA, UAE and on that of some european countries.

      You shouldn’t try using it on your Nigeria PayPal account because it is domiciled in dollar. You might even be able to add it now but will surely give your account issue in days to come.

      1. Billy Jay

        Sorry Boy, Payoneer is never and or not domiciled in Dollars. You are paid in your National currency, when it comes to Payoneer verification of your Address.

  46. popo

    please i just opened a paypal account and verfied it, how can i use the paypal account to fund payoneer? please advise me asap

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Which country PayPal account did you just open and verify?
      If you are new to payoneer,you can only get money into the Payoneer for the first through any of their partners. Anyways,you can still get money into your Payoneer through PayPal by adding the USA Virtual Bank account giving to by Payoneer to a USA PayPal.

      By doing that,Paypal will send some amount of money to your Payoneer which which then fully activate it and then give you opportunity of receiving from anywhereelse even from other payoneer card holders through what we call card to card transfer.

      1. popo

        Thanks, its a nigerian paypal i add my master card and they have sent the verification code which i have done. my nigerian paypal is now verified. my questions is this! is it possible for someone in USA or UK pay into my paypal? will it enter? and how can i use that same paypal fund my payoneer account?

        1. Presegs Adesida


          Your Nigeria PayPal account cannot receive payment.For that reason,no one in supported countries can send money to your PayPal.

          You cannot use your Nigeria PayPal account to fund your Payoneer account. If it is not that you are trying to get fund into your Payoneer account for the first time which can only be done through any of their partners, you can look for exchangers or other payoneer account holder that will be able to do card to card transfer to your payoneer account. You can as well contact me if you need fund into your payoneer account as I can do card to card transfer to yours taking note that minimum amount that Payoneer allows is 20 USD.

  47. Badmus Adeniyi

    Paypal is in Nigeria to compel us improve our spending habits, it’s the only reason why we can’t receive funds from abroad. Nigeria-opened paypal are useless for now.
    I want to stop sending dollars abroad, rather making them from Nigeria, Until Nigeria is fully allowed in the Loop, I don’t give a d@mn ’bout paypal.

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Kindly carry out more extensive research.

  48. olori ogunlusi

    Hello Abass, I have an issue with fanbox. They requested for my credit card or PayPal details to enable payment. I don’t have any. How can you help out. Thank you.

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Fanbox is scam.Please do not link your card or paypal to your account with else they will keep debiting you instead of crediting you.

      Be warned! !!

  49. Peter

    Pls I am try open PayPal Nigeria account after filling the form send me verified code I dem enter it wrongly now they say I can not use that master card again pls help and dey have deducted 1.95$ from my account pls gurus help me out I don’t have any other master card

    1. Presegs Adesida

      Kindly call PayPal customer care to explain this to them.They will remove and completely delete the card’s detail from their system. With that,you’ll be able to add the card once again to get a new code.


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