Travel To Canada: How To Make It Happen Quickly

Travel To Canada: How To Make It Happen Quickly

Canada is a great place to be for a Nigerian. If you desire to go abroad, why not consider Canada? The United States places so much restriction on immigrants, same for the United Kingdom.


Canada too has its measure or restrictions, but it is not as strict as what obtains in the UK or the US.  If you have decided to travel to Canada, but you are looking for ways to make it happen quickly, the information here will prove helpful.

Your personal situation and the location where you make your application can go a long way to determine how fast your traveling process can be. How can you avoid those unnecessary delays? Check the points below for hints.

  • Make sure your application consists of all important information before you submit it.
  • In the event you are making changes to any of your submitted information, like your family situation, fax number, phone number or home address, make sure you contact the visa office on time about these changes.
  • Make sure all the documents and photocopies you make available are very clear.
  • It is in your best interest to provide the certified English translation of all your original documents if such are submitted in a different language.
  • Make sure you do not lie about any information when applying; especially information regarding your situation, your address, your age or your country of origin, which in this case is Nigeria.

A number of reasons can be responsible for delay in the processing of your Canada visa application. Some of these reasons are highlighted below:

  • If there are security or criminal problems related to your immigration application
  • If the situation of your family is not clear, like if there is unresolved child custody issues, incomplete adoption or a divorce.
  • It can also be delayed if there is any reason for the visa office to communicate with the citizenship and immigration offices in Canada.

While filling the immigration application form to Canada, make sure you provide all documents just as required. Make sure you also get your international passport at the ready before starting the application program. Make sure the passport is not yet expired too.

Carefully state your academic programs just as they are supposed to be.

State clearly too if any member of your family will be accompanying you to Canada or not

Your home address or any other address you are using must be stated very clearly in an easily understandable manner. Additionally, having some measure of knowledge about Canada can quicken your application process.

To find out how much you know about Canada, you will be asked to write a citizenship test in which you will be questions on the political; and physical geography of Canada, the political history of Canada, the social and cultural symbols and history of Canada, the responsibilities and rights in Canadian citizens and the right to vote and run for election in Canada.

Needless to say, you must have good understanding of the language too. Your age, must also be stated and backed up with tenable evidence.

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  1. How do Canada confirm applicants age? is there any thing like that? Do they go to applicants formal work place in nigeria to confirm age?
    Do they go to the applicants formal schools to confirm age?
    Is there anything like confirmation of age submitted and how do they do it?
    Please assist answer it is urgent?

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