StarTimes Channels, Decoder & Bouquet Subscription Prices


Startimes channelsStarTimes is a Pay TV service in Nigeria that offers various channels (46 International Channels, 31 Local Channels & 12 StarTimes owned Channels) at a reasonably affordable monthly subscription depending on the Bouquet paid for. It is very simple to install and does not need a dish to function.

StarTimes Decoder & Bouquet

Find the Price for StarTimes Decoder, Accessories and Subscription Bouquets below:

  • StarTimes Decoder:
    Decoder : N990
    + N2,400 Subscription for any Bouquet
  • Outdoor Antenna (10m Cable): N1,500
  • NOVA Bouquet: N600 per month
  • Basic Bouquet: N1,000 per month
  • Classic Bouquet: N2,000 per month
  • Unique Bouquet:N3,000 per month

StarTimes Channels List


Startimes International Channels

1. Da Vinci Learning: Da Vinci learning is an innovative and unique educational television channel that aims to bring curious minds of all ages together to celebrate the lifelong journey of learning.

2. POP: Pop Africa is an entertainment and cultural touch point for all children

3. Q You: This is an entertainment channel that is like a You-tube Tv. Shows short clip of videos: music, movies, comedy, skits and lots more.

4. Trace Sport Stars: TRACE Sport Stars is the first entertainment channel dedicated to the lives of sport celebrities. It takes a unique behind the scenes access on sporting icons.

5. C Music TV: All round Music Channel

6. Bloomberg Television: All round World Business news

7. TLC: All round fashion and life style channel

9. Eurosports news: All round sports news channel

10. Fox News: 24hours World news

11. CCTV 4: All round News and Chinese Entertainment

12. Animaux: All round Animal Documentary

13. CCTV 9 Documentary: All round Chinese Entertainment and documentary

14. Setanta Action: Setanta Action is a new action and combat sports channel on StarTimes Channel 630.

15. Fine Living Network(FLN): FLN is an international specialty TV network with exciting and tasteful contents as The Biggest Loser, Design Inc., Iron Chef Japan,Wedding SOS and lots more.

16. JIM JAM TV: JimJam features classic children’s television shows such as Bob the Builder on StarTimes Channel 526.

17:NBA TV: The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the pre-eminent professional basketball league in America on StarTimes Channel 627.

18. AMC Africa: African Movie Channel (AMC) is a 24-hour movie’s channel dedicated to the best Nollywood and African movies and is one of the most popular channels in Africa.

19. TBN: TBN is the world’s largest religious network and America’s most watched faith channel.

20. Iqra: A 24hrs Islamic channel that seeks to meet the viewers’ needs through presenting a number of serious programs.

21. Crime Explorer: Gives you a view of how crimes are been investigated and detected. Watch unbelievable happenings around the world.

22. Nat Geo Gold: A documentary channel filled with adventurous life-style of animals and nature. You are invited to discover the world.

23. Nature and History: Every tick of the clock records life history, Enjoy heroic, sad, good and unbelievable history of life.

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24. Discovery World: Discover the covered part of the world. Watch stories on real happenings as it covers investigations, nature, careers and so on.

25. Fashion Tv: An international fashion and life style channel which gives you trendy and latest fashion shows and news around the world

26. Star Plus: Enjoy Indian movies, drama, comedy and lots more.

27. FX: Watch various entertaining programmes from movie to drama comedy and more

28. E Entertainment: Get the latest around the world of entertainment, from classic reality Tv shows to Hollywood info and lot more.

29. e: Enjoy varieties of entertainment from sport like wrestling to movies, music, African series, dramas and current affairs.

30. FOX: An entertaining American movie mix channel, with latest series, dramas and lot more.

31. BET Networks: Watch great black entertaining programmes, from music to movies, reality shows, awards and lots more in style

32. MCS Extreme: Covers interesting sport like football, skating, swimming basketball, boxing, cycling, athletics and many more.

33. Setanta Sport: Enjoy great sport like wresting, football, rugby, kick boxing, boxing and all kinds sport. You can enjoy Scottish and French League matches, and so on.

34. Baby Tv: Lighten up your child the baby way with many interesting and educative programs

35. Nickelodeon: An entertaining and mentally developing kids channel.

36. StarGold: Enjoy the best of Bollywood movies.

37. True Movie: Enjoy interesting movies and drama based on true life happenings that touch the heart.

38. Bollywood: Enjoy the best of Indian movies that glues you up with your TV.

39. E-Star: E-Star is an African entertainment TV Channel that gives you African movies and series as well.

40. AMC: The MGM Channel showcases hand-picked offerings from the celebrated Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film library in Hollywood.

41. MTV Base: MTV Base is a 24-hour music and general entertainment channel from Viacom International Media Networks Europe.

42. Phoenix TV: Phoenix Television provides news, information, entertainment programs. It broadcast events about China.

43. Al Jazeera: Be the first to be informed on happenings all around the world on Aljazeera

44. CCTV News: CCTV News formerly known as CCTV-9 is a 24-hour English news channel, of China Central Television (CCTV), based in Beijing.

45. NBC News: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news, talks and much more.

46. BBC World News: Get the latest on BBC World News: international news, features and analysis from Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and many other countries.

StarTimes Local Channels

1. Tiwan Tiwa: The first Yoruba Musical and Life Style channel

2. COOL TV: A Hit Music station to a family TV channel. 30+ shows and unlimited entertainment.

3. Wazobia TV: It’s a show that is educative and also entertaining to viewers. It shows fashion, lifestyle, sports, African content, music, entertainment segments, talk shows, sports and many more all in pidgin…. Na we Tv.

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4. AMC Nig: All round Movie and general Entertainment

5. DOVE TV: Christian Gospel channel

6. Dasamal DTN: All Documentary and Entertaiment Channel

7. Core Tv channel: All Round News and Documentary

8. TVC News: All round world and African news

9. ITV: All round Nigerian Entertainment and Documentary

10. Superscreen: All round Entertainment channel

11. DBN: All round Movies,sports ,Music and Entertainment Channel

12. Mitv: All round News,Movies and Entertainment

13. Farin Wata: All round Hausa Movies,Documentary and Entertainment

14. Nigezie: Fully integrated music/entertainment channel that celebrates, promotes and showcases the diverse talent and skills of the average Nigerian in the diaspora.

15. GET TV: GET TV is a reputable entertainment channel with the best reality tv shows in Nigeria. Ultima Studio initiative.

16. WAP TV: Nigeria’s family entertainment channel.

17. AMC TV: Enjoy A mix of urban music, movies, series, drama and Africans in the Diaspora events.

18. AIT: AIT is the second largest Commercial Television Network in Africa, Always Committed to the task of bridging the gap in Global Information Disequilibrium.

19. TVC: TVC is the premiere destination for contemporary, quality entertainment, news and information.

20. NTA Entertainment: All kinds of entertainment you always want to see

21. Real Star: Watch various entertaining programmes from music to comedy, concert, reality shows and lots more

23. NTA Sport 24: Covers interesting sport like football, basketball, boxing, cycling, Athletics and more.

24. NTA Knowledge: Get your kid mentally developed and entertained with Nta Knowledge

25. Orisun: Nigeria’s fresh 24hrs Yoruba movie channel

26. NTA NEWS 24: NTA 24 hour news channel. … NTA NEWS 24

27. Galaxy Television: Check Galaxy Television for the latest Current News, breaking News and multimedia on Nigeria, Africa, and the World.

28. LTV: Lagos Television International Worldwide

29. Silverbird TV: Silverbirdtv is Nigeria news, entertainment and Lifestyle Television

30. Channels TV: Nigeria’s award winning news channel,Channels Television. The company was licensed in June 1993.

31. NTA: NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) is the state-owned television station with branches in all states.

Startimes Owned Channels

1. Star Sport2: 24 Hours sports channel including European and world Football

2. STAR Dadin Kowa: A family channel that shows Drama, Talk shows, Movies, Music and training, all in Hausa.

3. Star Series E1: All round Series movies and entertainment

4. Star Movies 1: All round Movies and entertainment channel

5. Star kungfu 1: All round Chinese Movies and Sports channel

6. Star Africa 2: All round African movies and Entertainment

7. Star One: All round Chinese Movies and Entertainment

8. Star Chinese 2: All round Chinese Movie and Entertainment

9. Star Novella E1: All round novella and drama

10. Star Guide: General overview of all the channels on Startimes.

11. STV Kungfu: Enjoy Chinese movies and drama

12. Star music: STV Music is a 24-hour music and general entertainment channel



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    i bought a new conbo decoder on 14/9/2017, got it activated/ registered but NEVER connected because i had the decoder using aerial antenna (02110886258). i however activated the new combo decoder (01831330145)on Saturday November 4, 2018 with a starTimes dish installed and payments made on it via mobile application transferred and #1,405 deducted from my account.
    MY COMPLAINS: (I). my installer mistakenly changed my view to NOVA, on 6/11/18 via the StarTimes mobile app i change it to SMART but notice that not all channels said to be for SMART are showing. KINDLY HELP, WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM?

  3. Kenny

    Which of bouquet on starting can I subscribe for to get Loveworldplus?

  4. encho rey

    please how can a subscribe to startime through fidelity bank

  5. Sabinus Ejimadu

    My name is sabinus in Onitsha with card number. 01467067796. I recharged #3800 on 27th June but till now I can see one free Chanel.

  6. Dr Stanley

    Please I no longer see STV music channel on the list of programs. I’ll like it if you guys can add that again on the list. Please try to add gospel music channel too.

  7. chijioke

    Can I watch the WORLD CUP on Nova subscription??

  8. Tumga joshua

    I wrongly recharge to another decorder with 01467032935 instead of 01467031935.with confirmation code 888841237815.Tumga Joshua with first bank quickteller through A/C 3024378179.pls come to my aid.

  9. Ahmed Abubakar

    why you don’t have arewa 24 and zee world chenels please introduce them on your package

  10. fame

    What happened I can’t find any channel for basic bouquet,1300.02027655382.about an hour now.pleas rectify the problem.thanks

  11. mukaila kushimo

    I paid for Smart – One Month (1,900) few minutes ago but the channel was only Nova .. what happen .

  12. kayode

    please I subscribe for one month on Saturday 6/1/18 yet I can not see any of channel on my TV please what happened my I’d is 02146560215

  13. Akilaki

    I subscribed BASIC BANQUET, I cant access NOVA . usually if l subscribe BASIC BANQUET, I can access both basic BANQUET AND NOVA same time. Pls can someone update me if there is any changes

  14. Akilaki

    If one subscribe basic banquet, l supposed such customer supposed be able to access NOVA AND BASIC BANQUET?

  15. fizzy

    Please include zee world to your list please

  16. egemole lawrence

    i thank you startimes for ur good services

  17. bereket

    how to get in Ethiopian

  18. Victor Owusu

    we need a producer

  19. benson

    too much bundesliga and serie A what about epl i dont even watch your decorder bcz for me i love football.and you know epl is the best league in the world atleast try to balance bcz its too much the way u do for bundesliga matches on four channel or 5 and zero premier league.

  20. Zebulun eze

    please add gospel music channel to your bouquet.

    1. KENTUS City

      we need action film and christian gospel songs you can add it to startime

  21. Alex oaik

    pleas how do i subscribe for monthly payment for startimes HD decoder?

  22. Àmaka Nwanzekwe

    I paid #3600 for unique bouquet on startimes HD decorder through my diamond mobile app yesterday night but till now its still says pls subscribe. My card number is 01831301457 thank you.

  23. afolayan akeem

    Pls my decoder written (Ts service information change update now) so what should I do to that to resolve it.

  24. Great Ken

    Buy STartimes Nova Subscription Card online, Gotv Subscription card online, Mytv subscription card online, Waec result checker online, Neco result checker online, all at mycyberteller

  25. Adeyemi kabiru

    Pls help i do’nt known wat is wrong with my startime decoder if i recharge #4000 or#2000 it will show 3 to 5days after dat on tv screen it will said dat this channel blong to classic or unique pls subcribe help ooo and i want to subcribe am afriad ooo

  26. kibet Abraham

    hi, am Kibet. I have Startimes. that charges me alot of money for free. 100ksh in less than a week? I what to know if I can only subscribe channels that am interested en leave the rest or what is the price per month.

  27. Prince Michael

    Please, add Trace Tv channel O! to your channel list

  28. ajao adebayo

    Full of fun

  29. ajao adebayo

    I enjoy STARTIMES any day any time

  30. Adams Abdullahi

    Why not replace Iqraa tv to Iqraa English or replace is to Islam channel with will be more enjoyable

  31. Halex

    tried subscribing, but it’s saying invalid smart-card number.

  32. Rashida

    pls include zeeworld on your channel list

  33. sebastine Ogbaisi

    How much does your startime dish cost?

  34. I have a decoder, and a small inside antenna. Do I need the external antenna still?

  35. Malay

    The price of recharge is high and channels is not interest?


    morng .pliz i would like to know why when i need to view certain channels like AMC and some others they say smartcard not paired. pliz answer me.

  37. egemole lawrence

    am happy with startimes has made my choice thanks for startimes galo

  38. egemole lawrence

    i want to change my startimes Basic to Nova Bonquet i want to be getting Nova station my smart card number 02027847188

    1. egemole lawrence

      now that the recharge of Nova cost N900 naira in 2017 is there any added station

  39. Saeed

    Pls hw can i subcribe online to any existing bouquet on my phone??

  40. Philallen

    I want to subscribe for my startime on phone how can i do it

  41. frank ohiolei

    What is the present subscription for unique bouquet?and I was informed that you can pay your subscription through gtbank with your phone.pls confirm and give me the code?

    1. Udeoji Kingsley

      #3000 *737*37*3000*startimes card code#

  42. Adesegun Mutiu

    I want to know how to subscribe, I mean is is through bank or any other way. And do you show life English Premier League (EPL) matches

  43. mark Jonathan

    Pls i want to subscript my startime decoders pls let someone help me how to do it on phone

  44. Yebda Ahmad

    Why don’t you guys cover some English premiere league or laliga matches….. Really that sucks. You are repeating old bundesliga nd sire a matches which lasted for months, why can’t u give us EPL nd Laliga Highlights pls in place of that old matches. Pls even if it is mondays, give us EPL nd Laliga highlight.

  45. Aysha

    Plz why price of subscription hight N4800 is much price of poor ppl

  46. emeka

    I can’t sub again Cus sum startimes channels r showing freely now as free to air station

  47. Felix Jackson

    I want to know if starTimes can show premier laegue and wether the HD decoder can work with Dstv dish

  48. please what is the current price of recharging for 2 months on the basic bouquet package. I heard from a friend that you can recharge now at N1,800 for 2 months. Please do respond in time so that I can go ahead with my recharge.

  49. mrs eunice

    Please is there zee world channel on startimes?

  50. innocent

    Please I have startimes decorder but I don’t know the main process to subscribe, I know the prices but I don’t know the code for the subscriptions. Pls help me with the codes

  51. Bankz

    pls is dove tv on the Nova bouquet?

  52. tonny

    How can I get the Startimes NOVA????????
    A lady called e some time ago and failed to call back….

  53. Abah luiz

    Pls i want to knw if Startimes Classic Bouquet comes with a dish

    1. The dish comes with the HD decoder when purchasing the startimes package

      1. Abah luiz

        How much is de cost of Classic Bouquet dats comes with HD decorder nd the fee of subscription 4 a month

        1. Hello Abah,
          You can find all the details you need here:

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